Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Once upon a time, i am not happy with my body. Yes! i was not grown up yet that time, n i was blady hell thin. When i stand beside satay sticks or straws, can make them feel n look obese!

oh no v r obese!!!

Once upon a time slightly later, I decided to change my diet n not living wat i'm living. I dowan to wear size S anymore..I dowan to buy clothing from kid's department anymore!!! I wan to be fat!! gemuk gemuk i wanna be!!!

I change my diet n all guess wat i started to eat:

Breakfast (when i wake up)

1) Fried Rice

2) nasi lemak

Last Breakfast (around 11am)

1) bread with lotsa butter n lotsa sugar..n cheese

2) french toast..n cheese

3)fried egg (using butter instead og oil) with bread n butter...n cheese

4) full cream milk is a must


1) chicken rice (too bad, i dun eat skin n fat which contains high percentage of fat n oil)

2) fried rice (using butter oso)

3) watver other rice(s) haha..

4) full cream milk... or yogurt n plenty of water

Tea Time

1) coffee

2) Tea

3) crackers n cookies


1) Rice

2) Meat

3) Fats


1)leftover rice

2) mamak

3) full cream milk

believe it or not, i seriously live this kind of life for more than 5 years

Then, till form 4, i finally find myself gaining pounds, body got more flesh, my bones are less visible! *happy happy

Then one day, i realised i too fat! As a result of giving up sports... really, muscles all loosen up n my tough tie are becoming flabby n soft, arms are like water bags, n i had double chin!!!! wtf...

K now, once upon a time much later, i decided to go a little thinner, to burn all the fats n oils n make myself look more like a normal body -with only flesh n no fat girl! Changing my meals n all. rights, now, i'm gonna exercise!


1)cereal n fresh milk (low fat milk taste yucky)


1) rice, n vege n beans

2) fruit juice or fruits


1) crackers

2) green tea


1) rice n vege n steam fish n beans

2) a little of meat

3) fruit juice

before sleeping

1) fresh milk

Extra cocuriculum

1) hulla-hoop

2) skipping (rope)

3) sit up

4) push up

5) jogging / running / marathon or watever thon...

Yeah... dun try to stop me. N need not to be worry. I eat extra supplements haha. multi vits pills, vit-C pill, n all the pill n pill n pill...hahaha...

From now on, i'm saying "NO" n "TAK NAK" to cheese, oils, fried food, mcd (oh no!), choc (yea, i'll start only when i finish angela's uk chocs haha), pastries.. *snif snif kesian nya... all my favourites..


Deng said...

Take skim milk instead if you wanna lose weight.

And fresh milk sucks, low fat milk rules.

Y.B.T. Hwey said...

Fruit juice has more energy than real fruit... Eat the fruit, dont drink it.

You where tak han run wan you...

nicoley said...

okok thx hwey..
haha..teing u got really bad taste la.. cant u taste the weird taste in low fat milk??? n skim milk is not as nutricious as the normal milk...nyek nyek..

Deng said...

It's not about bad taste, really.. It's just because I happened to grow up drinking low fat, that's all..