Thursday, June 29, 2006


Today, weird. yeah, have a little free time now...but not feeling happy as usual

dun ask. i dun understand oso.. the feeling is like, u know the sky, instead of bright blue n cotton white clouds hanging at the atmosphere, its just greyish-white cloud with greyish-light blue sky, with a little of wind blowing miserably... like its gonna rain, u were well prepared to welcome the sky water yet, nothing falls down to the ground.

There are many things pending, n waiting for me to complete it.. with this kind of sucky feeling, which obviously makes me have got no mood to work as well, how to finish all??? sigh..

i remember last time when i was still an innocent girl (i am still innocent!! ahem!), n that time, my cousin just broke up with his wife (they were not married yet that time)n i can see him..groaning n wheeping n sighing all the time. he was like me too, crazy n noisy which is why v tag along well.

i asked him, what is wrong with you. He passed me a sweet n dedicated me one sentence. "taste the sourness in the candy". Of cuz, i accepted the candy n happyly for sure, open the wrapper n enjoyed it. It was not sweets like sour power, but its just..sweet. non other taste. i dun get the meaning of it..just brush it a side n continue enjoy the small cube in my mouth.

Now, as i think back, i think i get what he's trying to convey to me at that time. Erm.. edit edit.. i am SUPER sure that this is not because of my break up!! i mean, pls la, u know who ur fren is n it is seriouly a waste of time to ruin my days for, chill.

k back here. I felt like a jerk when i smile as i see myself forcing my lips to spread wide cross my face..yea.. smile, shud be swet n happy, but i see sourness, unhappyness... hhmmm..

K now. Guess wat will n can make a girl happy??? yes. be beautiful. I started to write beautiful things of myself, self praising of course...n guess wat, the microsoft word was compactly filled with wording for like..3 pages. muahahah... i am just sooo sooo good in writing..

2nd step. Since its lunch time n boss is not back yet n there's mirror behind my table..i mean yea. mirror wall. yes. MIRROR, i groom myself n play with my hair n then i was spotted doing it when some postman rings the bell. oops!

Step three. I open explorer n started to scribble this miserable day of mine in blog. N that's wat u'r reading right now..ahahahaa..k k.. i felt much much better right now! C?? i can take good care of myself. I just know how to treat myself..wakakakaka....

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