Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I seriously wonder wat is wrong with me or with my life... i find its really diffficult for me to lie. Really.

i've seen ppl, on tv and even real life, making up great stories n go around the globe, conning many. I wonder how can they actually make their stories sooo blady hell real n true. I can only do that on daddy, non else.

I asked my cousin this before n he answer, "thats y u are not a conman!".. k fine. According to him, lying, is a natural ability, just like drawing - to be a great artist, u need talent and the interest. Same here. To be a good liar, u gotta have this "talent".

The feeling of being cheated, being conned is seriously not nice (duh), especially when it is done by someone whom u dear sooooo much! The action might not be lying, but can be anything that makes u feel ur world is full of shit n all.

Mummy was once cheated when she was young, n she hates it. But thank God at that time, she already received a couple of warning from her frens n all, n with this, she was not really hurt. Daddy was born with dunno-how-to-lie-and-cheat chromosoms n genes n, he seriously suck at it n got easily sucked in to lies!!

Maybe just like my face (my look or feature), many says i look like both my parents, where else my sis look more like mum n bro look more like dad...i just hate to be cheated n i cant lie or cheat. I find it really hard to come out with "great ideas" in this field. U can ask me to make up crappy stories, dirty jokes n n all but not lies.

I seriously admit, i lied before, i mean, who doesnt eh???? But that was just a small little ones like, when u dun do homework then teacher question u then u say u forget to bring it to school la, left on ur desk la...this kind.

I dunno la, maybe cuz my face, dunno how to make expressions la that doesnt activate my lies... n i actually realise one thing, liars usually play around with ppl's feeling n emotion. N girls r usually more emo than guys, tats y liar always target on girls!!

Aiya but nowadays even girls can come up with great tales. If she ever lives in William Shakespear's time, our dear mister William here would have cried day n night cuz was lost to a girl, n has no more fame.

I tried lying to my frens b4, but kena bocor just after few minutes. Reason: i kenot n did not n dunno how to connect the story properly. Damn disssssappointing! *sigh. It happened once oso in secondary, Sim Ai laugh at me n say u damn lousy la... i'm like, wat d hell, sim ai calling me lousy...

No example ah.. dowan tell...damn "pai seh"!!!!

I salute to those liars, conman, cheaters out there. *respect. But then hor.. since u have such good brain to come out with great stories, why not working in tv station as scriptwriter or storyteller?? Still earn a lot wert...then ppl appreciate ur art piece summor... better than hurting ppl everywhere rite...or maybe make good blogs like kenny sia n xiaxue..u earn oso k..

Oh ya one more thing, maybe the world is full of liars n conman. Somehow i dunno if u realised it but i do, when u try to tell the truth n it maybe a very sad ones or super happy ones, somehow ppl u talk to like, skeptical of ur words n show faces of not believing. U can feel them doubting what u've say n u try hard to convince them but sometimes to no avail...

I once told my guy frens that i'm 40kg. Non believe me. They say, "con shit u, u so fat 40?? then i can be 10kg lo..."
I once told my girl frens that i'm 47kg. Non belive me. They say" bull shit, u liddat 47 then i 70kg lo..."
C?? *wat is wrong with ppl anyway??
but have this ever ever cross ur brain cells, why would i lie to u bout my weight?? I can lie, but if u dun believe me wan u can actually just get me to stand on the weighing machine then bocor la liddat...

And why the hack would i lie when i say this this this guy told me he likes me n all, I mean, u can just go up to him and ask then if he says nope, then i hailat la!! u all will think like i'm super L.O.A (-lack of attention- incase u dunno)n all my good image all gone la...

sigh, i guess i shud just be happy. i dun like ppl lying to me, n i dunno how to lie.. but then lying to father just simply easy, like eating peanuts! Shall i say i suck at this lying trade or am i just living with a whole bunch of smart ppl with a lie detector???

**yaeh i dunno y oso i couldn't get my pictures uploaded..someone pls troubleshoot for me pls...

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