Friday, August 19, 2011

Im going to Taipei hehe

Hi there!

I dont even know when was the last time I logged in to blogger. I bet you must have missed me super the very much!

Anyway I think it should be time to update a little on myself, since I've not been keeping in touch with many of my friends. This would probably be one of the best way to tell everyone that I am still alive, and living good life (if there's really someone out there who still cares haha)

Actually I did have the intention to blog a little more often but nowadays I iPad more than using the desktop or laptop because it is really that bloody convenient. However for some unknown reason i just couldn't type anything in blogger.

I am working now in a multinational pharmaceutical company, Astra Zeneca (AZ). In Malaysia there's 2 different AZ entity - AZ Malaysia and AZ Asia Pacific Business Services (APBS). AZ Malaysia is more to operations ; AZ APBS is actually the financial shared service centre for the asia pacific region excluding India. It is currently serving 13 countries and laoniang's in the China team.

My position is financial analyst but in office it's called just analyst because it is already a financial centre. My job was more like a data entry clerk but now I was given more task and I have 2 contract staff to take care. Work load can be pretty heavy especially towards month end where I have 3 reports to rush. Not to mention, my job requires me to service internal customers as well, which can be quite sucky at times (because China people can be really dumb sometimes!)

If you're still my friend in Facebook you should still remember that I complained alot about my limited chinese vocab LOL. I can tell you now that I can type chinese very fast and my vocab is now fuuuyyyoooohhhhh!!!

Important part, boss and colleagues. My immediately superior is nice lah in general. I'm pretty reluctant to accept the job knowing that my would be reporting to a female superior and she doesn't smile much. The first day of work she practically left me alone for 4 hours and didnt even introduce me to other colleagues in the team what more the office. But then that's her. Super focused and concentrated when she work. One thing good is that she doesn't bother how u do your job as long as you get things done. The only time she calls you is when someone in China is rushing her for something.

Colleagues all speak Mandarin and Cantonese. But thankfully the 2 contract staff i kena jaga can speak English and my boss boss (dept head) is a banana hahaha so there balanced out abit. Everyone there calls me banana because my cina is seriously cha. Generally they are all very nice people. All young young one! Only those in higher position are around 40-50 range, the rest below 35, so office politic is really really minimal. Something which I am thankful for!

Company's been very generous. There's different "club committees" and every club's given a generous amount of budget. Even in the upcoming team building, the winning team will be going home with the highest spec of iPad 2. Not 1 unit you know, 5 units leh, for every winning team members! That's about RM10k, summor got other prices leh, which is also Apple products.

I'm really impressed on the willingness of the company to invest in the employees. There's language classes (japanese, korean, vietnamese, mandarin, thai etc etc) accounting classes for those who doesn't have any accounting background. Trainings every month (which is blehhh) and there's online e-learning courses which due every 3 mths and each 3 mths you must choose at least 3 subjects to study. Did I mention that the company will be paying for my ACCA exam fees? hehehe...

I like this place lah overall. It's really nice. The only downside is parking, which at the moment is not a concern to me. Makan a bit mafan also cause there's nothing much to eat nearby. And maybe too chinese.

So someday if so happen you're in curve/ikano/ikea, call me out!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

long time no see

im sure u miss me alot.

so i should show u how i look like now


stupid centralised air con!!

the moment i step out of office, 10mins later my face wont be this red. its just a little more pinkish looking...

its hard tight and rough. damn angry lor!

I wear long sleeve to work most of the time because, ahem, i want to look more professional but the main main main reason is to protect my other parts of skin from drying up!

weekend my cheek condition will improve but on monday it will return to this red baboon backside looking cheeks!

I bring moisturizer to work and had to slap and pile on moisturizers/lotions/oil on my cheeks every 30mins! drink super alot of water that i had to go toilet every 45mins or so.

and if u think maybe my skin is sensitive. 1) Bird can never live without air con and he always want me to stick around him which means i am in air con room most of the time 2) i've worked before also ok and I have had no problem at all 3) happen the moment i join this company so definitely blaming the building's air con!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Well, compared to IAS 21 n 29, IFRS 9 isnt fat at all

Indeed, Bird is so unhealthy hahhaa!

With all the bfs? That is suicidal!!!

Hello CT CH I shall call u girls "weather is smelly" the next time we meet hahahhhaa!!!

2 police riding on nurses hahahhaha!!

Sound so me right? Forever complained about period

Ya why I cook for bird everyday?

hahahah I got flu and sei gor and yi gor hahahaha

Basically they jumble up your previous tweets and sometimes non of it makes any sense but some kinda funny.

What's your next tweet?

Hao jiu bu jian

Last weekend I went KLCC find my cousin Justin.

FML max i tell u!

Friday I went down cause he called me out. I was initially a lil lazy to layan him but he was with another cousin and really super long didnt see him so okay lah I sacrificed my sleep and drove all the way down to KL.

Driving to the city centre on a Friday afternoon is suicidal! For unknown reason(s), KLCC closed their carpark. The guards claimed it is full but I tell you the mall isn't that pack with people. You cannot say that oh there got many offices and stuff cause they have reserved parking for those working in that building.

So everyone was diverted elsewhere. The entire area was super jam. It took me one long hour just to circle around the twin towers. I wanted to park at Mandarin Oriental but was told that the car park's full as well -__- So I went parked at Avenue K which costs me RM10

Since I'm the oldest there I thought ok lah I spend the boys lunch lo. Besides, how much can a lunch cost? They wanted to eat at food court which not ngam my appetite I told them to eat something nicer but not too expensive and Justin recommended me a place facing the park.

He's only 14. I thought ok lo ur not very expensive should be not very expensive. Manatau sit down open menu already only know his not so expensive is my monthly expensive nice food. The lunch costs me RM110 ok of which he said not filling.

Nvm bout the money. But I tell you getting him to keep quiet (sadly only that 15mins when he's chewing his food) is the moment i treasure the most! Because he either calls me short, tiny, genetic problem, midget, steroid girl or non stop talking bout penises.

I'm not going out with him anymore.

Saturday I went down with my siblings. Met his stepfather for the very first time.

The angmoh is TALLLLLL. 6 feet plus and my aunt is shorter than me so she's like a dwarf when they walk together!! Anyway he's a funny person. We talked and, well, I told him that I wanted to break up with Bird every month. And he said the next month before I tell Bird to break up, call him. He can pretend to be my new bf. =D But must call him and make sure he's around because he travels alot.

I hv pictures of Justin's room in my phone but I cant upload them cause no cable no bluetooth.

He has a 48 inch flat screen TV connected to a PS3. MAC desktop. Ipad. Ipod Touch and he uses an Iphone. Open up the curtain is KLCC park view and Maxis tower's digital clock. His bathroom is hotel like - marble counter, huge mirror, rain shower with hot and cold water taps.

If only I have an angmoh father ...

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Did u know that there's a new term for maids?

Maids is no longer maids, few years ago they're called domestic servants. Now they are called home managers. Maybe some time near future they'll be called xxx director -_-

Actually i want to complain.

I hate it when you say we are husband and wife i hate it when u say whats mine is yours whats yours is mine because i know from the bottom of my heart i will not marry you the end

k thanks bye