Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tom Yam anyone?


I drove the bf's car to KL today. =)

And I had just done some thinking and I've concluded that I am an evil person. Why I say this is cause, I realised I curse Fatty really alot. Well, you know, me being me, certain things I cannot tahan means cannot tahan.

I know my words are rather sharp sometimes, in the past I really dont think before I open my mouth. Now not as bad liao.

You know this gemuk and his infamous hot temperateness? Watch tv also hear before lar, hot temper is not good for your health. And TVB very famous one, all the hot tempered ppl got either high blood pressure and eventually kena stroke or got heart attack and ended up in a coma.

And now hor, got cholesterol problem all the more you should control your food intake and emotions ma. Wah this fella really dont care a hoot, still eat KFC McD whenever he wants and temper lagi no need to say.

On top of that, now exam period he poof poof alot. So I tahan until really cannot tahan anymore my nose ears eyes mouth and every single pore on my skin all can see and smell smoke..

So the other day I told him Yong sui one thing, then body so fat and attitude got problem ppl like you should really die faster *kicks his thigh* Not to mention, so hot temper and now got cholesterol problem confirm you will die young either of heart attack or stroke.. and summor now smoke so much.. nose throat lung cancer very soon will come say hello to you !!!
(I dont know why cannot change colour one?)

At that point I was really not happy. But now I think I'm damn evil. Maybe I shouldn't be so straight forward lol


_VeL_ said...

Wah. Curse until so evil meh. Later his mother overheard then think why his gf so black - hearted wan. You also don't wanna be 'gua fu' wan ma. -_-

-Littlenicky- said...

of cuz i said tht when the mum's not around lah, and I'm not married to him yet what gua fu?

aiya even if married and he dies, can still find another one!

and i was really angry ma!

Deng said...

HAHah. nicole you curse until so funny la.