Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today is a tragic day

I had a terrible gastric attack while sleeping, at 6am!!

I cannot remember when was the last time I suffered such tremendous pain. It feels like err.. someone's grabbing my stomach then squeeze it with all of his might and strength. I was tossing and turning the entire time and forced myself not to focus on the pain.

For 2 full hours I struggled and eventually gave up. I was having the coldest sweat I've ever had and I had only a wall-molded fan on turning in the slowest speed as it rained and was rather cooling. . I did thought of lifting my heavy ass up to make a cup of warm Milo to flush off the acid but was too lazy, and rather weak. So the most convenient way was to pray.

It helped. The pain subsided, I finally get to rest... up till 11am, it got even worse.

Luckily enough, Ellie was passing by the room and I screamed for help. She made a cup of really warm Milo for me and after that the pain left and I went back to sleep. Eventhough the pain is gone, I still have this one little very gentle and mild discomfort that I really cannot pin point.

Fatty tried to wake me up at 2pm. The moment I turned around , he knew something was wrong. He's never a detailed and observant person and he doesn't pay attention to alot of things. For example, he will realised I had eyeliner on only if I tell him. Or lipstick (unless it's too red but I normally wear natural shades) or even perfume. So can you imagine how pale my face was? So he made me warm Milo again, and Maggi Mee and massaged my legs.

I feel really really tired, up to now. It's as if something or some evil person has sucked out all of my positive energy like in the movies. I slept till 5+pm and I'm sleepy already (now, at 1.32am!!)

I hope later I could sleep soundly throughout the entire night...


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