Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just came back from Mall

Walked for about 1.5 hours only cause was too bored at home and I know I shouldn't be walking long.

And I have so many things I'd like to and going to buy when I'm free!

I think I'd prefer this than those sold on blogs though the price is 40% more.

I think this particular design has sold out. I only saw another similiar type at 1u. Free tht time must go down to Pavillion or KLCC to find

Many many OPI Nail Lacquer. Normally cost about RM55-70 at nail salons or beauty shops. however it's only RM33 per bottle at Nail Fiesta, but of course, limited choices.

Topshop PEACH lace ballerina pump. Should be about RM200 kua *sigh
Cant find this at 1U. =(

And you know what shocked me? I saw THIS EXACT SAME THING at Vincci!!!

Proton is embarrassing enough lar, and now even Padini plagiarize other brand's design? Why you have no money to hire designers ah?

It's ok to get inspiration from other people's work, like Charles and Keith, last 2 seasons was very much Chanel inspired and this season you see a lot Prada elements. But it is definitely NOT OKAY to COPY people's design as it is!!

And worse, not only this bag. I saw some clothes and certain bags, is the exact same piece (size and material all same!) I could find in online blogshop. Meaning what? You just contact the supplier, buy in bulk then relabel it and sell it at much higher price to meng-highclass-kan the products?

Why are you too poor to even hire a creative director or what?

Not to mention, PA is so try hard Abercrombie and Fitch; SEED has lost it identity perhaps due to a severe head injury? PDI is now so crappy, P&Co lagi sial.. try hard sell online products at highly marked up price.

So humiliating!!!

Top: Topshop VINNIE canvas T-Bar Shoes. Should be near RM200 also lar *sigh

Actually I dont know to buy to T-Bar shoe or brogue (zara that type is called brogue). Both can match skirt or shorts and almost anything. I really thought of just buying from Cotton On but I cant tahan their quality anymore! It's torturing my feet..

Maybe my brother will buy me OPIs and high waisted shorts, then the Zara bag? cannot ask Bird buy cause he already paid for my insect bag. I cannot ask his mum to buy for me shoes for my birthday cause she knows I have many pairs liao... Huhuhu all out of my own pocket. Summor I want to buy make ups and brushes, and dresses and work attire.. T__T

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