Monday, October 18, 2010

There goes my bag.. there goes my.. There goes my Longchamp Le Pliage bag!

This is the colour that I wanted. Blue-purplish. I think it's indigo, the final colour in rainbow. But mei you liao! Longchamp named the colour bilberry btw...

So now I was asked to consider the other colour (there are 3 colours for this model, Bilberry Graphite and black). I never wanted black.

This is graphite. It's like teal-grey-blue. I think this colour is way better than black but I still prefer bilberry.

I asked my financier (well, Bird paid for the bag hehehe!) which colour to choose he said this doesn't seem that bad either but I still think Bilberry is better.

I've seen the real thing in college for both colours. Both look good but I still prefer Bilberry. I mean, I dont mind Graphite but, I have an unexplainable connection with this Bilberry colour.

So now I'm advised to consider short handle (Note the handle for first picture and this last picture, first picture's handle is way longer) cause short handle has bilberry.

And the badges (insects tags) for short handle is nicer.. but my financier and Brenda said long handle more practical, which is what I thought too.

So now the question is, should I change to Graphite long handle, or wait till Longchamp restocks Bilberry long handle?

If you're wondering how much is the bag.. well, this is limited edition piece so... a little more expensive.


The normal ones are lesser than Rm500 I think?

And I really think (from the very depth of my heart) I deserve this present very much! It's anniversary + birthday + christmas.. and not to mention, spent alot time helping him on his project management and all the late night cooking and massages.

K lah, massages dont count lah cause I grumbled alot hahha..

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