Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ahh. So tired.

I've had a nice almost 15hours of sleep today and I'm feeling tired still.

I should be studying for tomorrow's mock exam now but instead I'm writing this. Too tired lar. Really demotivated to touch any books. Even novels. All I want now is to relax my mind and some time to recuperate. Weekend classes has been draining me out.

I was late for last last week's class as I was super demotivated to the point that I dressed super sloppy to class. My lecturer shook his head when he saw me coming in with a pale looking sleepy and grumpy face. He showed a "you are definitely my best student" look.

And yesterday was again late cause, yeah, I woke up late but that as late as previous week. I walked in to the class when he was teaching and subtly he smiled. During break he asked " hah! overslept again!" I replied "No, was having breakfast", with my signature big wide grin. All he did was again, shook his head with a smile.

I'm such a terrible student! T__T

These days I dare not walk out of the house without make up. Seriously makes very big difference! Just a stroke of eyeliner and little dap of white shimmer eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye do magic. And not forgetting my Sugarbomb blusher which perks up my worn out look.

Was clearing my phone and found these ancient pictures:

1) Max in Vet. He had bacteria infection in his ears caused by water.

Everyone was wondering how water went in to his ears. I suspected it to be a masterpiece of Mr "I sayang my dog" Wong. That time the weather was horribly hot so he splash/spray water on the furry thing to cool him down.

Big fat ass!

Waiting for doctor to analyse the test results.

Stupid dog peed on this spot 3 times. Twice while waiting for doctor to check on another animal and once while waiting for prescription. The helper must have hated this dog very much haha!

Max in car. He loves the air con very much.

Stupid dog dripping saliva on the sofa!

2) One of the days we had supper at A&W. This is what they serve :

an expired burger!

Look at the lettuce!

And Bird said the fish fillet tasted weird *indicating it's spoilt

Now my bf is a very wtfthisiscustomerservice already. Last time when I was starting to know him he's a nvmlar person. Probably caused by influence *ahem me*

He went to the counter, instead of talking to ordinary worker he straight asked for manager and complain. The manager was so paiseh that he personally went to the waffle counter and made us a complimentary waffle. And that time waffle counter was closed.

But he didn't want to accept the waffle. Partly cause he dont feel nice accepting it cause he got his burger renewed and partly cause we were already full.

3) Max again
This is Max playing with the green squeaky ball I bought. He loves it but Bird's dad confiscated the call. His argument was that the ball's too small for this him, apparently will choke him. -__-
Poor Max, he really likes balls especially those that makes noise!

4) My pathetic relationship

I can never able to take a nice proper appropriate picture with this guy!

See my point? T___T

Duke-omg-so-scary-dra-waikit-cula with toothpick fangs. This is what you normally see while waiting for food.

Strawberry Parfait at Zanmai. Yum yum. Should try!

If you haven noticed, he changed his specs =D. People now orang atas liao, wear Emporio Armani.

Anyway this is our anniversary celebration T___T What to do, no time and busy and tired. Gotta quick quick fast fast simply eat at some place. Nonetheless, japs food is healthy enough for my high cholesterol bf.

Honestly I was hoping for some more romantic and stuff cause he promised after his project management assignment he will compensate me. So I gotta admit that I did expect something. But nvm lar. Insect bag makes up everything!

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