Thursday, October 14, 2010

Major love

I love how people are spicing up your mother's or even grandmother's clothes..

British model Alexa Chung

I like her assembles - with hints of girlishness, colours, trendy and touch up with vintage accessories.


BF shirt is the now a must have in your closet. For the past 3-4 seasons, stripes and military has been the in-style. I'm not so sure how far can military fashion go, but striped shirts are definitely value for money..

Pictures all from

World War II style - Brown shoes with socks. High waisted bottom, soft and sheer material top.. paired with a grandma brown sling bag.

Floral motives bottom. Can go with chiffon top or a simple cotton tank top. Either way you're in!

Who would have thought grandmother's loafers are selling like hot cake in stores?


And can-can hat. Totally love how the Japs are wearing them but that hat look too weird on me huhuhu...

Polka Dots!!

Love the coat. But so not suitable for this desert hot weather!

AAhhhh... Sooo Blair!

Cape and beret can never go out of style!

Above styles can be found in Topshop, Miss Selfirdge and Dorothy Perkins as well as Warehouse but they are rather pricey =(.
Topshop High Waisted Indigo Hotpants. RM149.90.

Brother wanted to buy for me last month but 1u Topshop ran out of sizes soo.. till today haven buy =( I've been searching high and low for a pair of high waisted shorts that would fit perfectly. Till today, cant find, only Topshop has it.
Topshop Paperbag Fannel Shorts.

Your mother should be still keeping some in her wardrobe. I like this but I'm more willing to pay money for my food than this. Maybe ask your mum "donate" to me?
Topshop's KARL Tassel Loafer.

Ah Ma's shoes! But one thing bout Topshop's footwear is they're mostly of pigskin lining. Pigskin not only not lasting, i heard it's not good for your sole as well. I saw one pair from Camel which looks almost the same except for the colour.. RM199.90 with 10% discount .. SUPER COMFY WAN

Alternative option would be 1) Australia's Cotton On 2) Blogs 3) Bazaar 4) Sg Wang

Rubi Larry Loafer in Tan.

Should cost less than RM70 but I highly doubt it's quality.
Rubi Agness Brogue in Tan.

Confirm will buy this when I'm free. Hopefully by that time still have stock lah. 1U and Pyramid Cotton On is too small lor always no stock this no stock that. Worse come to worse I ask Bird's cousin buy from Penang then bring down for me LOL.
Rubi Eden Espidrille

I'm shoe lover. Can't blame me for loving and wanting to own so many pairs of shoes hehehe! This should goes with anything! And I saw it was once sold for RM29 only wanted to buy for Pangkor trip but again, 1U Cotton On sold out liao!

Rubi/Cotton On Festival Cross Body Bag

Vintage. Me Likey! But I feel it's a little too small.

After much thinking I've decided to buy Mulberry Alexa bag. Inspired one lah obviously. The real thing costs about RM5000 ok. There's big difference between a replica and inspired. Replica is like, real original DVD and pirated DVD sold in pasar malam. Inspired is, well, inspired lah. The design is the same but different material used and no brand label.

Mulberry Alexa bag. It's actually named after Alexa Chung.

I like Cotton On but everyone is wearing them! Blogs, bazaar and Sg Wang needs loads of patients and energy to search. It's a tiring process but what to do I so kiam siap. Actually not kiam siap lah, just, why spend few pounds when you can spend just a few penny?

I am currently looking for dungaree (shorts) ,

trendy type, not the farmer type.

Spotted at Cotton On for Rm69 *bluek. Nothing special summor the blue denim shade is so laopek.

Sorry lah, everything is so messy I just need to babble something. Been studying one whole day damn sien!! Need to release stress and relax mind a bit...

P/S: Has nothing to do with my birthday wish list. But of course if you're feeling rich can always buy me one of these. Rubi shoes lah, it's cheap during sale. Only RM29 mar. I wear size 36. =D

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