Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I blog when I'm bored

Which so happens is revision/study time!

You have no idea what I'm studying! It's nothing interesting and it is nothing enjoyable. No funny facts. All boring financial histories and data and procedures. How to prevent fraud how to achieve good corporate governance. Ppffftttt

I dont like Vanessa. Never liked her since the very first season when her role was still an unprominent one. She is stupid and annoying and so suspicious. TRUST YOUR BF LAH DUMBO! I'm very angry at her one ok! Everytime she appears on the scene my blood starts to boil, even when she was just passing by doing nothing or just waving her hand to say hi. Someone should hit and run her!

I hope you notice I blog when I am angry or unhappy or have nothing to do. It's so gloomy here. WHY ARE YOU READING THIS? CANT YOU FEEL MY DARK CLOUDS ARE SHOO-ING YOUR BRIGHT SUNNY SKY?

You deserve more! Read no more!

OH NO READ READ! I do have one happy thing to tell.

Bird promised to bring me to I-City to see lights! I know some of you have been there. As ulu as I am, I have just heard of the place couple weeks ago. -_- Brenda was suppose to go with her bf Andre but plan changed cause apparently need to pay RM10 entry fee and they felt that it's not worth it cause that place isn't that big and has nothing much to see other than lights.

But Bird was saying nvm lar, RM10 only ma pay lor. I really want to go but the entry fee is a bit potong stim. Yes RM10 is not much but to think of it , I can buy many types of tidbits from pasar malam with RM10 or I can buy bubble tea or McD or probably a dress from Sg Wang /Times Square.


MY INSECT BAG IS BACK!! LONG HANDLE BILBERRY!! YEAYYY. I was so happy i called Brenda to inform her of the good news and later even forwarded her the email! Hehehehe! Getting it in Nov!

This year's Nov would be one of the best Nov I've ever had in my 22 yrs of life! (The best was when my mum surprised me with a pair of purple roller blades on my 8th or 9th or 10th birthday!)

And also and also. Bird promised to help me with my degree thesis. I'm planning to do Marketing so need everybody's help especially those majoring in Marketing!! But this would be a year 2011 thing so no rush, no rush =)

Oh and also, I've planned what to do during holidays. Other than shopping, I am going to spend more time in the kitchen learn to make some simple desserts. And maybe some biscuits or cookies for X'mas. And spent time with my beloved brother!

Haih, speaking of brother. We have not been spending time for quite a few weeks due to his heavy workload. It's good that the boss is looking good on him but from what he's told me, the company is yet another typical china man company, with a lot politics which of course don't affect his work but it's quite demotivating one lar. Sigh, hope the best for him only lah!

Eh eh, once think of one good happifying event suddenly other happifying events followed up. I'm happy now!

Oh Insect bag!

So happy.

How to sleep?!


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