Friday, October 08, 2010

Urggh! I hate Friday!

Really. I dont enjoy Fridays anymore, unless if I'm going to church.

To be honest, I've not been attending church as often as I did in the past. Partly because I have class, partly because I have things to do and recently, is because I'm staying at Bird's house and he always cannot make it back to send me home.

Like today. But today I forgave him cause he needed to hand up his assignment and the deadline is 5pm. But that doesn't mean I'm not angry anymore!

And worse of all is, around 4 or 5pm, I called my brother ask if he's going church and blablabla and he told me to take cab home. He went back, gave me the number, I called. Waited waited and waited. For an hour I was waiting for the stupid cab till my sister called me asked if I'll be going home.

I really dont know la. So inefficient la! Isn't cause it's peak hour or cause it's raining or cause cab just dont like TTDI like how they dislike entering Tropicana? GGGGRRRR....

While waiting for cab I was so so so bored that I have the time to experiment with few eyeliner tricks and rubbing serum onto my hair. Normally I dont have the time or rather, lazy to separate my hair into sections for serum. And including blogging this!

I'm wearing everything Cotton On! Bra, tank dress, even my shoe (leopard print flats) and bag (black drawstring) so I must must must put on something non Cotton On. I super love the salmon pink shorts Brenda bought in HK/Shenzhen.

The only thing about the shorts is the back part.

I generally don't mind elastics but, this one is a bit disproportion somehow. But overall comfortable.

It initially comes with studs but I took them off. I'm a lover of blings, never studs. You may ask, wah take the studs off Brenda not angry meh? Erm, nope and the very reason why she bought this short is cause she knows I like all these bright cheerful colours. Not for the studs.

I love buying tank dress. Whoever invented them are super genius! They are so easy to match with and , if you're bored of wearing a dress can always tuck them underneath any bottom of your choice. Multipurpose. Very economical!

Fatty promised to make up to me by bringing me out for a nice dinner but now its 8pm he's no where near to me! I'm beginning to hate Monash more and more deeply and I hate Fatty for his horrible decision making. Why cant he just spend 2 yrs or lesser in Canada rather than turning his 3 yrs life into a miserable one (and also mine!!)?

You see ah, go Canada can finish degree in 2 yrs - If rajin a bit take summer courses can cut short up to 1 year. Maybe gotta live alone adapt to new environment and all but you have sister there ma. And in Canada can shop for me can help me sapu cheap stuff. LDR a while I dont mind wan lor if we're really meant to be together then, no matter what will still be together wan ma. And if it cant work out, better yet I can go find someone else!

I'm still angry lah. I want ice cream I want cheese cake I want J.Co Donuts I want bagels I want tomyam kung to feel better!

OMG I better not be angry so much otherwise will end up being a dai fei po.

Really. I eat when I'm angry I eat when I'm stressed. I eat even when I'm sad. The only time I dont eat is when well, forcing myself to fast and when I am already full or when I am not well but most of the time I eat also even when I'm sick.

Let's just hope my metabolism rate will remain this high or higher for the rest of my life!

C'est la Vie!

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