Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time to say goodbye... to Nokia N73

It's been 3 yrs plus and my phone is now kong-ing.

I'd say the phone served me rather well although I'm constantly annoyed by its turtle speed. Since March I've been saying I'm gonna change to iPhone but now I'm really not sure if iPhone is the one for me.

If I were to choose Blackberry it'd be Blackberry Bold 9700 in white. But I'm a little worried that Blackberry may be a little too serious and boring for me. But growing up as a clumsiest kid in town I dont think I can take good care of an iPhone.

Anyhoo, yea, now it's between iPhone 4 and Blackberry Bold 9700.

I surely need many many games so that I can have different choices to choose from especially when I'm constipating wahahhahaa!!! Music is not a must so the iPod function is not really useful to me as my current phone has got zero songs in it but the reason I removed all the songs is cause the phone became too laggy. But I do love to have a few Vanessa Mae in my phone.

I dont like to carry an extra camera around so a phone with a good camera would be nice. I think here iPhone got a plus point. I dont mind not having any GPS or map functions - I rarely get lost you see and I always have a habit of checking Google map and plan out my route whenever I'm going to an unfamiliar place.

Now I definitely want a phone that has an ability to go online so I could check my mail at anytime anywhere ... and talk to Brenda on MSN. WIFI a must. iPhone and Blackberry each gets one point here.

Calender is basic of basic. I need organizer and reminder and planner. Currently my phone cant do much so I store abit in my gmail abit in my phone abit in my wallet -__- An iPhone allows me to take note of the stock exchange and other financial information. Not that I bought any shares but it's related to my field of studies.

Btw, a shocker news. Justin's getting a stepfather. The wedding will be in Dec, looking at the invitation email, I have a feeling that it's a garden western style wedding.. something similiar to what I have in mind.

Haih what to do. My aunt and I have great taste. Wahahaha..

Yea. He's an angmoh. This time, a Scottish. Have not met him, not even heard of him and I am still digesting the news. So ytd night I googled him hahaha! As a regional manager, it's not that hard you know.

When I first read the mail I was really worried. What if new uncle's a chinese? How well can Justin cope up with new life? Can he blend well with new cousins? What about the man's family? Is his mother still alive? Is she that open minded that she doesn't mind her son marry a mid age woman with a son? Buy big free small wor.. Later the new mother in law bully my aunt how?

It's really worrying wan you know! What more after watching sooooo many TVB drama. . .

At least now, knowing that he's white.. I can be excited all the way lah..

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