Monday, September 27, 2010

Hoo hoo brother bringing me to Taiwan or Korea next yr =D=D=D

Blink blink 3 weeks passed so quickly Bird's sister is now on the plane back to Canada.

This is my second time meeting her and this time we talked more went out more and sort of got closer. The first meeting 2 yrs ago was rather awkward and well, I was scared of her!

Bird had warn me that his sister is a control freak and bossy, I just thought which girl isn't and how far can she control people, right? But, 2 yrs ago I really saw how she got what she wants and it freaks me out a little but at the same time I admired her.

This time she came back alone, more time for her to nag and lecture her brother. Sometimes I felt annoyed too cause, it pisses Bird off and when he's pissed off I'm affected. It's a chain. But sometimes I really like her I enjoy seeing the drama I enjoy listening to her pissing the brother off. It's fun when it affects me not.

She bought me this before she left.

I dont know, maybe she feels not nice that she bought everyone something but bought me only 2-3 pieces of clothes? Or maybe she feels her brother bullied me too much or maybe it's a thank you gift for temaning her mother or maybe I'm just thinking too much.

Anyway it's my early birthday present =D

Throughout the 3 weeks, I do feel left out somewhere or another but seeing that the parents were in such good mood, makes me happy also lah in a way. His dad ah, really smiles all the time like chap dou kam like that.

It's fun to watch how she forces the brother to do something. Like, changing specs and buying a pair of shoe. Specs he mmg wanted to change but has been procrastinating as long as forever and shoe, well, I told him to buy shoe wear shoe till my tongue cracked if it wasn't for his sister he will never ever bother to walk in to a shoe shop to buy. Everytime I tried dragging him in to a shoe shop he will slip his foot in, took it out and said see how lah his favourite words.

I promised to go Sg Wang with her but in the end there is not enough time to do so. Wanted to go Bangsar Jalan Telawi but the weather didnt allowed us to do so. I felt bad cause I promised to bring her around to shop cheap yet nice stuff. In the end, most of the time shopped at malls and bought stuff from cheaper boutiques like Kitschen and Cotton On and Pyramid Asian Avenue.

And Bird's right, she a lot like me. Or, I'm a lot like her. We're sama sama timid but of course I'm more to the extreme side. We dont eat yam and we love curry maggi mee. We have same taste when comes to bag =D

Yesterday rush rush after class (yes sunday class!) after dinner Bird and I went to 1U to buy her a little something. Dress from P&Co. She wanted to buy it when we were in Penang but I told her it's expensive cause I can get the almost same thing for less than half the price at Sg Wang but since we didn't have time for any KL cheapskate shopping, expensive ma expensive lor summor it's a gift shouldn't be so kiam.

Same like the perfume lah. The sister bought it and passed to fatty to pass to me. His mum said the sister told the brother that just take it as he buy for me wan. But haiyo I know my bf super well lor you think he will go shopping mall, stop by perfume counter and test one perfume after another meh?

The dress I placed it on the sofa after she excused herself to the washroom. I did the tag saying "SURPRISE from your brother". The moment she saw it she told her mum "Haiya must be Nicole lah he where got so nice buy me dress."

Then she asked me a few times, really ah he pay wan ah really ah? He got money meh? He really so nice ah pay for this dress? Well, we shared, but I told her he paid for everything .. Can see she's very happy wan =D

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