Saturday, October 02, 2010

Eh come see this

CLICK THIS. This is something I think everyone should see.

Sigh. How to be rich leh? Costs of everything is rising but pay rise is always below the inflation and etc rates.

Now I only hope for salt's price to remain as low as possible because, salt is really useful!!

Salt can be used as a tool to torture - as you may already know, sprinkle on wound will cause great pain!

Salt can enhance the taste of cooking, can be used to marinate and preserve food as well. Do you know that I do not like to eat spareribs? That is cause I find it hard to accept the strong bloody stench. My uncle taught me how to remove the smell. Very easy, just by rubbing salt on the ribs and leave in for 30mins then rinse.

Salt is also useful outside kitchen. For example, can be used to wash clothes. Soak your dirty clothes in a pail for an hour before throwing them in to the washing machine. I dont know how effective is this method as I am a lazy person I normally dont soak my clothes before washing.

I use salt to wash Bird's dirty smelly feet. Usually I will prepare a pail of warm salty water for him to soak for 15 mins.. but his feet are really smelly and has too much dead skin, salt alone is not enough so now I add honey and milk and increase the temperature.

Salt can kill bacteria and remove foul smell, so does honey. Both honey and milk have moisturizing properties. Warm water softens the dead skin. So ya, after the whole soaking in warm water process, I'll prepare an extra pail of ice cold water for Bird to soak for another 10mins.

You've learnt in Science that you know all the kembang kecut process.. So, scrubbing is now so much easier. This is Nicole Yong Feet Washing Formula and I share only with you! I dont want to brag but I gotta tell you this works! His feet now is like the cleanest pair of feet in town. Dont believe you call me now, we go out together gether I let you smell his foot.

I know many of us here dont wash hair everyday. For me, I super tak boleh tahan. But do you know how to wash your hair without the need to use water and soap?

All you need is, flour and salt.

Sprinkle flour on your scalp and the root of your hair to mattify the shine. Then, rub salt onto your scalp and massage thoroughly. After that just... dust off excess salt and flour. Salt is sodium, means, its alkaline which neutralises our acidic scalp and like the feet washing part, salt kills bacteria and remove foul smell. But I gotta warn you that rubbing salt on scalp may and most probably cause pain and discomfort =D And the entire process takes bout an hour!!

By far I use salt as scalp scrub only, after shampoo before conditioner.

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