Saturday, August 07, 2010

Trip trip trip


No make up tips or beauty lessons today. No worries.

I just want to tell the entire world that next month I'll be going to Pangkor Laut .

You know lah before this.. Malacca Singapore Penang Sydney trip all kaput and I really think I need to take a time out from this busy and hectic city life. Ya of course I know that my life isn't the worse case, just, I'm not exactly the type that can handle stress very well. I'm pretty much a tofu..

Pangkor Laut is an island located below Pulau Pangkor, as you can see on the map above. Privately owned and managed by YTL. I'm not sure if it's a man-made island or a real normal natural island bought by YTL.. whatever is it, I googled and the place looks absolutely fantastic!

Unless I'm the organiser, otherwise I wont take up not one bit of my time on google to find out more bout this island. So, I guess this is point number one to prove that I'm very excited.

This is actually the bf's family trip. His sister is coming back next month and this Pangkor Laut trip is made on the very last second of the final hour. The mother really wanted me to join them so much so that she told her fat son that she wants to call me and ask me herself.

When she called to ask, I already felt super excited and I really want to go but then again, this is ppl's family trip ma so I told his mum that I needed time to think and konon-nya ask father's permission (but actual fact is to ask brother's permission I dont know lah I feel more like a younger sister to him more than an older sister sigh) so she told me to reply her by noon.

So from 8.45am till about 11.50am I was talking to Brenda keep asking her whether I should go and this and that. Of course she said GO.. but I was really hesitating... I called the fat bf but he tak layan me "dont ask so much la just tell her that you're going bye". I ask you did your bf talk to you this way, ever? 10 seconds conversation fml!!

If you know me well enough you should know that I'm not an owner of thick skin so at first I felt really touched and bad at the same time that I said no not going. I told her that "I feel I should take a step back so your son could spend more precious time with his sister".. LOL. As if he will really stick to his sister like yao char kuai if I'm not there haha..

I just wanted to reject her offer politely lah so have thought for HOURSS then came out with that lame excuse so lame that she insists I should go. But obviously before I said ok I checked the rates etc cause I know I'd be an incremental cost to them I just want to make sure that the increased of cost is not too material or too significant. Anyway I think the resort should be charging based on number of chalet or villa rented and not by head count..

And I should also tell you that I've already packed my luggage all in MY MIND. hahahhaha!! Already planned what to wear for what activity and what to bring etc etc.... keng or not?!!? HAHAHAHA so this will be point number two of excitement!!

Definitely going to buy new swimwear. Mine is still stucked in the 70's :(

I've already planned to buy a can can hat. Very popular in Japan for this year's spring and summer and possibly coming fall season (or was it fall already? Still see them around on

Something like this. Going Sg Wang with Brenda on Wednesday to find..

As for the trip to the island, and back... Planned to wear either a denim jumper shorts

Like this (with the can can hat)

Or a playsuit
Something like this from Topshop. But I prefer those with colourful floral prints or cutesy vintage pattern. Goes well with can can hat as well. You think I should get a straw bag to complete the look?

Wtf going beach now like going fashion show.

On island planned to bring lots of dresses and tank top. I think this way it'll be easier to mix and match and secondly, easy to pack.

HHmmmm. I can feel the ever nice sea breeze and smell the salt water already!

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