Monday, August 02, 2010

Disclose with qualification

is all I know bout audit. fml.

I was superly eager for classes to start during the holidays, but now I'm screaming and wishing for holidays.

My days wouldn't be this bad if only that stupid KDU would stop changing the timetable. One moment got class, got moment no class. Later got saturday class, later cancel. Can die wan ok everytime change my schedule like that...

But thank goodness KDU's Progress Test is no longer on next Sunday. Maybe the students complained bout having not enough time to study or so it has been postponed to mid of August =D

If you under informed, I'm doing professional papers edi! *walk with nose high high then terpijak tahi haha wtf. I skipped P1 and P2 cause P1 is extension of F8 but I'm doing F8 (audit) in KDU now whilst P2 is continuation of F7 but I have this heavy feeling that I'd fail F7 so cannot take. So I'm doing P3 now.

I like my lecturers alot! One chinapek lady (No really, must use the word chinapek cause she is really chinapek. And she says alot thank you) another is a indian man from India with many many funny stories. I'm studying this paper in Sunway, one subject but got 2 lecturer so I went both lecturer's class. By right cannot wan, but then I seriously fail fail fail till damn sien edi so this time kiasu abit.

Angela if you're reading this can you pls help to remind me to ask Daniel which Optional paper he's planning to take or taking. Or you help me ask him, cause I really dont know which to choose even though I sort of want P4 and P6.

Past few days I had just 2 biji of durian... and couple days after that I went to Yin's birthday party and had BBQ. You should have already seen the pictures. Wtf I hate those pictures lor.. I tell you damn weird wan, when I wear push up bra (or semi push up) hoping that will be able see some little thing.. nothing pop up. But that night I wasn't wearing any thick heavily padded bra but it seems like my pathetically small sized boobs are going to slip out -___-

Anyway my focus is that, 2 biji durian and some BBQ are more than enough to make me sick. But the weird part is, I started feeling not so well but not officially ill that sort if you know what I mean, but Bird and his mum are the one who officially fell sick FIRST. But miraculously I recovered in just 3-4 days , suffering only half a day of sore throat! =D Normally sore throat will haunt me for averagely 2 weeks.

Btw, Hwey, I love the porridge your mum taught. But I got one problem.. the dried scallops remained hard (and one big chunk) and it's not breaking up like how Minah or Ellie cooked. HOWWWW??? I boiled the scallops in for a good 45 mins then cannot tahan waiting anymore then I tried to peel them off one by one lol. And of course I poured the scallop water to the porridge...

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