Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Longchamp Le Pliage Badges (S/S 2010)

Bird's sister is coming back next month and I haven decide whether to buy or not. At the moment I can afford to pay her back but it's really a no guarantee as you should have already know, I am have a super big appetite.

Right now can pay, but maybe tmr cannot pay. Even if by the time she's back, I could pay her, I may need to tighten my belt for the entire month which, could be a good thing but on the another note, is bad cause it's exam season I need food otherwise brain cant function.

My mum used to scold me "bak jiu hoh sai kor" in hokkien lah. It means something like, eyes were covered with shit so cant see things. Haih, what to do right, maybe she is right.. ppl's eye so sharp.. one by one hooked up with rich boys but me...=( we taking turn to feed each other now..

Airasia now having RM1 sale. WoOOOoOoOTttTT!!! Really want to go Singapore lah but no one can teman!!

I'm currently quite active in working out. Not going gym that sort lah, just stay home, do Pilate whenever I could. Just 15mins each day I feel slimmer already!! But it's freaking painful I tell you. Pilate really stretches and pulls your muscles, you can literally feel it unlike uhm lets say Yoga?

I've not tried Yoga and I can never comprehend how Yoga helped to "gam fei"? All you do is just, close eyes, lift up legs stretch hand or maybe turn n twist here n there... But Pilate is really really different. The moves may seem simple and easy, but it is not!! After each session my abdomen will feel super pain and tired and in a way, hardened.. I can tell you ytd my muscles was so tense that I have no strength even to "kuk si"..

I heard Pilate is more for muscle toning, works best with cardio. But, haiya, people like me do cardio wor.. *big sigh* do half way sure faint wan loh!.


REALLY!! Whatever bottom I can wear she complains tight lah this and that and now she officially wears a size larger than meee.. WWEEE. WAHAHAHHAA



*orang gila laugh*

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