Sunday, August 15, 2010

Make ups donts

1) Dont pick up too much product

Whether foundation, blush or eyeshadow or even lipstick, use your product sparingly. Whether you like being all professional by using brushes or a lazy bum-bum like me who like to use fingers, always pick up your product bit by bit. Just dap finger or brush lightly on the powder.

Make up is all about building and blending. If you're using brush, always tap your brush on your palette for 2-3 times to drop off the excess. Or, you could do it on tissue paper. Remember, always apply blend, apply blend. If the colour is not enough then add abit more then blend again until you're satisfied with the colour.

Blending is like, spreading and even out the colour on your lids.

If you like to use fingers, then you have no choice, no tapping off excess here but the trick is to dap the colour lightly and gently on the area you want to colour. If you feel that the colour is too heavy, rub off gently with a tissue paper or another clean finger. Blending by using a clean finger as well.

And for blush, I feel it is better to tap off excess AND THEN swirl the brush 1-2 times on the back of your hand. This gives a better and more even effect.

2) Never use 2 or more light shimmery eyeshadow on a Chinese eye

The objective of applying make up is to look prettier, to enhance your features and to make you look stand out.

REMEMBER! Asians have very strong yellow undertone skin so light purple + light pink doesn't compliment us, it will only make us look more outstanding in a bad manner! Yes you can still use these two colours, just dont wear them together.

You can still wear purple or pink, but mix them with other dark colour. Example, light purple with dark purple or dark blue. Light pink with dark olive or brown.

3) Dont wear blush on the entire cheek!

You're not a Chinese Opera actress! To get it right, apply blush on cheek bone and concentrate a bit more on the apples of the cheek. This method works for all face shape. It is especially useful to someone who has invincible apple (of cheek) like me.

Many make up artist or Youtube videos demonstrate by smiling or sucking in cheek.. it doesnt work for me.

Oh ya dont go all the way up to your nose. You wouldn't want to look as if you just got a real bad sun burn.

4) NEVER wear same shade on your entire face.

Pink eyeshadow + Pink cheek + pink lips.


When angmoh make ups may look good, it may not suit us orang cina.

If you want mitchy-matchy look,

--> either lips and cheek same shade or,

--> Eye and lip same shade.

Normally ppl will go for the first combination and play a lil more with the eye make up.

Remember, when you go light on the eye, then use a stronger colour on the lips. If you like to have a nude or pale lips, apply a darker colour on the eye. This focuses only on ONE feature of your face without looking too distracted.

Thats all I can think of for now.

Buh bye.

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