Friday, August 13, 2010

13yrs old talk

Few weeks ago was "I lost my virginity"..

Better yet. This appeared on my news feed

Gay porn. wtf!

Kids these days

Sigh. I think I've just lost my handsome cute little brother who used to stick around me. =( Really. There was once he cried (out loud, got lots of tears that kind) when I told him I got bf. Not Bird lah, that time just saje want to con him..

Last time everything Peng Peng jiejie but now see me just say Hi -___- And not to mention the times where he just wouldn't stop keep zha-ing my already small breast T___T I dont like it la of course, but he's only 5 that time.. dont even think he remembers it now. We used to watch Power Rangers together and play Power Rangers toys together... and now he's looking at girls.

His cheeks will turn to wild-rose red when a girl tells him he's handsome. And he never once cared bout his weight but now he's on diet!!!

Our parents keep saying time flies time flies. Really. Time passes real quick. I'm now an aunt. Cousins are getting married one by one. And younger ones are starting to meet girls..

I dont want to grow.

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cheahwey said...

i almost died a little when you said he squeezed your boobies. till i read the punchline.

its so sad.. when they grow up, they're not going to rmb the fun times. or they rmb but it isn't important to them anymore :(