Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today gonna talk bout eyebrow.

Start by shaping.

I only pluck and trim it a little cause I prefer Korean brows.

Song Hye Kyo

Han Ga In

Lee Da Hae

Moon Geun Young

Some people may like their brows thin and high, I prefer bushy and flat. I like how it doesn't making me look too fake. So if you were to ask me how to shape brow, all i can tell you is.. WATCH YOUTUBE.

Not that I dont want to help, but really I dont really shape them myself. If you're skeptical, go Sasa, buy brow shaper or whatever it is called. It's some plastic thingy that helps you to determine your arch and shape and blablabla. This kind of thing should DIY, first time go beauty salon is ok but are you that free to keep visiting the salon?

And pls. It takes MAXIMUM 10mins. So "i have a lot of work" or "I'm busy" is not a good excuse!

So I'm just gonna teach how to fill your botak brows. Sorry if you're offended, but not everyone has got nice purrrfect long bushy well shaped brow. Especially Asians. *sigh* The newest way to have a natural looking eyebrow is to fill in your brows USING EYESHADOW!

Get a colour that is closest to your eyebrow hair colour. Usually is dark grey (never use black cuz it will look very harsh and unnatural) or dark brown. Some people like to have both colours. This time, go matte! Meaning NO SHIMMERRRRY effect. No glitters no pearl shine...

If your beautician ask you to shave your brow etc etc, just tell her to resign or close shop. Because now we want to look alll natural! So hair is crucial, even if its scarce!

Here you will need an eyebrow brush. If you have an eyeliner brush, can be used here also.

See the brush tip, angular shape.

If you do not own any make up brushes, then go to the nearest stationary shop, get one PAINT BRUSH that looks like this. No need animal hair cause you're using on your brow only ma so nylon brush will do... If you cant find anything similiar to this, then just simply get one flat paint brush.. go home, cut it into this angular shape.

See, who says make up is expensive?!

The diagram above is to help you to determine how long your brow should be and where the arch should start.

K now paint your brow by starting from the arch, meaning, Point B... start filling in the colours and extend to Point C

Remember what I said about apply then blend, apply then blend? Eyebrow also same thing.

In order to get an even colour throughout the brow, pick up only a little bit of eyeshadow with your brush, then dap lightly and gently on the arch (Point B) then adding the colour slowly and gradually towards The tail (Point C).

Then there's surely some remaining colours left on the brush, so now, from the arch (Point B).. move forward to Point A.

Then now, blend blend blend bye moving your brush up and down, down and up. If the colour appears to be too dark, wipe off with tissue paper..

K now you're done

Simple. Easy. Natural

Faster thank me!!!

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