Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello MAC

Saturday was Estee Lauder Group of Companies staff sale and I was given 2 pass card from Brenda.

But me being such a nice friend, gave BOTH the cards to Hwey as I foresee myself waking up late and sulk for unable to get up in time. Or worse, went queue at Renaissance Hotel at 5am and fell asleep outside the hall unable to get up. Of course another reason was cause I know that somebody needs some face paints. But my dear friend ended up overslept as well -_-

However I was smart enough to ask Brenda to help me grab some goodies, since she's working for the event.

I just asked Brenda bout the event, she said it was super packed. All cosmetic goods were gone by 11am! Within 3 hours, 1000 over products went poooofff!!!

So here are the things she bought:

Total cost only RM135 =D

Lipstick and other two small pots came together in one set, RM70. Super bargain!!! I always thought MAC products are like super expensive but after checking the price list only I realise the pricing is actually rather reasonable..

1) MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Cheeky Bronze

Normal retail price RM91.00

With flash.

Without flash.

Swatch on hand. Without flash.

With flash.

Major major love!

The colour is really sheer and shimmery. Can be used as an overall face finisher (meaning something like loose powder to set your foundation) or can be used as a blusher or used to contour face.

I checked the review on Youtube and most review of this product is excellent!

2) MAC Lipstick in Fun Fun

Normal retail for RM60.00

Here's the swatch on hand. Without flash

With flash.

Swatch on lips with flash. This is bare lips with 25364r89880 layers of lipbalm

One layer of lipstick. Flash on.

Multiple layers of lipsticks. Flash.

I wanted to post up pictures without flash to compare but.. abit hard cause I got nothing on the laptop to edit the pictures. I superly love the texture as it is very creamy. It smells very milky too!

3) MAC Eyeshadow in Nanogold

Normal retail RM55.00

It's a very nice shimmery light beige it is actually a beige pink duo tone eyeshadow

Swatch. On hand. Without Flash

With flash

4) MAC Fluidline (gel eyeliner) in Blitz and Glitz (black)

Normal retail price for RM65.00

Haven got a chance to try it yet cause I have no eyeliner brush...

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