Tuesday, August 31, 2010

clap hands!

It's Merdeka and I'm going to talk about eyelid glue hahhaa!!

It was Teing's actually. I made an unneccesary trip over to their house the other night to help Hwey out with her make up trauma. Unneccesary cause our friend here is not doing anything except for screaming "omg dont poke my eye" or "I'm scared I dont want to poke my eye" every 10 seconds.

But she did took the initiative to learn how to use eyeliner and draw a proper line on the lid.

Back to eyelid glue. It sucks! Cant remember what brand but it's pink in colour and I'm guessing Teing bought it from SaSa. It feels weird after application and hard to get a proper straight line.

I had make up the other day cuz just came back from church. The left side had the glue thingy on. It's actually my right eye la but all the what camera ding dong cahaya pantulan crap so it's left here.

You can clearly see that it enlarges my eyes and I look really weird. I'm not sure if it's cause I already had double eyelid myself or the thing will just make you look weird.

Here's me lifting up my brows. Cause there is not enough flesh so it looks as if the eyelid has been pulled all the way up...

This one even worse! I tried closing my eyes and again, not enough flesh to do so. Hence can only close HALF WAY!! F-single eyelid-L!! Blinking is weird also!

Something random here

Went 7-11 TTDI and saw this car. HAHHAA. Kena jackpot max!! ENTIRE car was covered with bird's poop. I wonder how long he parked his car there! But that area mmg a bit F-ed up wan lah park for 2 mins also can easily kena first prize!

and here.. my very nice warm brown hair colour! super super love it!!

And lastly, Toby boy!!! Brenda's puppy. See so fluffy right? Cuz I brushed his hair nicely.. even the very small and secluded area. But I think he hates me cause I forced him over then put him on a high table...

Okie. Enjoy your holiday whether you're employed or jobless hahaha!!


cheahwey said...

hey are you still allergic to alcohol?

-Littlenicky- said...

oh yes! very..

just couple weeks ago, Ellie didnt know I'm allergic.. and she cooked some wine chicken .. and i didnt know there's wine in it, i ate the chicken.. then whole night body itchy scratch here and there like monkey