Friday, July 23, 2010

Misc make up

Oookkkk.. now no one rush rush me I can do a proper explanation on how to flick your eyeliner.

Here, already drawn eyeliner, using liquid.

Remember the green arrow? Ya so draw a line as shown above. Thin line thick line doesn't matter cause later gonna amend it ma.. Need to tilt your head to get a perfect angle

And now, connect the two lines together. Usually in this step, you can extend out the line abit more (it's all up to you).. Usually I will draw a slightly longer line then I amend the length depending on my mood.

Fill in the gap.

So after this , beautify your line with a wet cotton bud.

Then, tahdang... nice nice =D

Up next is about make up remover. I know many are using the usual wipe off make up remover. I've tried some myself and I dont like them. No matter how expensive or how branded somehow I find there are still some leftover make up residue (eg glitters) on my face.

I've tested Shu Uemura's cleansing oil. It's make up remover + facial cleanser 2 in 1. I love it alot alot alot! But it comes with a very heavy price tag..

So my alternative is Clinique. (ya ya I know Clinique again) It's about RM100 plus and has the same effect as Shu Uemura. Above is just the sample bottle I got by buying over RM500 worth of product -__-

Here, I dirtied my hand with shimmery eyeshadow, lip gloss, mascara, waterproof eyeliner and liquid eyeliner.

Then I dap dap dap the cleansing oil on the make ups.

And then I slowly massage through. (Ya I use self timer)

Massage massage massage gently.. See.. everything off.

After this, add few drops of water. Continue massage...

The oil will turn to bubble-free soap when in contact with water. This process is called emulsification. See originally it's black and now turning grey? Cause when oil meets water the oil will turn to whitish liquid

Add a few more drops of water and continue to rub or massage. Repeat this 3 times.

Rinse off. It's clean clean. No glitter no residue nothing!

But I normally will wash my face again with facial soap...

See, one bottle takes care of everything. Who says you need make up remover and milk cleanser to remove make up thoroughly? Save cotton and water summor!

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