Thursday, September 02, 2010


It's Croc's annual warehouse sale again! Starting today (2nd Sept) till Sunday (5th Sept).

I didn't know bout it until I read FB news feed. Immediately quick quick fast fast change and sneaked the bf's car to Ikano Power Centre.

I was super happy super excited cause lao niang is kiam siap poh not willing to pay over RM100 for a pair of rubber shoe. I thought of grabbing some goodies for my beloved brother and that super fa bf and probably my sister..

But do you have any idea how long the queue was?!

Obviously this is not the exact floor plan lah!! You cant be expecting me to be able to draw out a shopping mall's actual floor plan right?! Red lines indicating the queue. Purple arrow is where I came from (Popular bookstore that end)

But hell ya I'm not exxarating!The queue was really this long! And excludes some crowds scattered outside the hair salon somewhere further below the purple arrow.

It's a Thursday . I went there at 2+ to 3pm! No work no class ah so free go buy stuff?!

Next week's Pangkor trip!! I've searched through a few malls and I cant find a suitable proper swimwear! By proper meaning, cover most part of body that type...

At the moment, ask me fork out RM150+ for something that I rarely wear I really feel super heart pain lor! But, just lemme ask you lah, would you wear bikini in front of your bf's parents and uncle/auntie and cousins?! Even if they are very in and open minded.. still feel weird lor!

Money aside, another thing is,I look super weird in proper swim wear! They made me either look like a kid or a mother of 3!! FML. I think i'll just gonna bring my bikini and maybe wear some T-shirt to cover up T__T

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