Friday, July 23, 2010

Eyeshadow. 1

For everyday office wear, no need too kua jeong. Something natural yet subtle will do. That is why I advised on shimmer eyeshadow =D

So now you need, Eyeliner, white eyeshadow, pink eyeshadow. I'm going to start with the previous liquid eyeliner picture (Dowan waste ma). But by right should put shadow first then only eyeliner and lastly mascara...

Ok. With eyeliner. I have no brushes with me right now so imma going to use fingers =D

I'm using Lancome palette. But in this look all we need is only white and pink. For best result, use pearl shimmer white. As for pink, any sheer soft shimmery pink will do.

So, now, pick up some white using your ring finger.

Remember where is the crease? Fill in white eyeshadow until the crease line.. (Dont exceed the crease line!!!) If you dont have eyeliner, then start from lash line, meaning from the root of your eyelash until crease line.

If you're like me, already had eyeliner on, then apply carefully .. try your best not to touch the eyeliner with the white shadow.

Then now, even out the eyeshadow on your lid. Spread it around without exceeding the crease line, make sure everything is nice and perfect. It should look something like this.

Since I'm doing this on my right eye, so this step I will need to use my left hand's finger. Pick up pink eyeshadow with the little finger.

Apply pink eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eye. See the crescent moon shape? That is why I use the left hand.. Just slowly pat the finger then pull gently from outer corner ... just confine within the drawn area.

It should look something like this. Nothing drastic..

Then final step

You cannot leave your lower lash line empty. So for this you will pink eyeshadow on the 1/4 of outer corner and white on the remaining part.. as shown above.

Very simple only, just pull down ur under eye skin.. use last finger drag one line under your eyelashes.. then smudge abit with your fingers to soften the colours..

See. The end result (before mascara). Here you wont see much but thanks to shimmery eyeshadow, it really open up your eyes .. makes your eyes seem brighter without looking too slutty.

See. Sexy yet professional! If you wear this look to office yet your boss scold you , come find me.. i go scold him/her!!!

Ok that's it for today my turn to pang sai now. I see what I can play with tmr.

See I sacrifice my F8 homework time for you. You must sayang me back alot i tell you...

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