Thursday, July 22, 2010


Now that you've bought your stuff. Time to learn how to use them...

Try email Blushberry see if the girl still sells the make up brush set. She's quite a famous blogger.. sometime last year was featured in The Star.

But lazy people like me uses fingers to apply eyeshadow lol.

I start by teaching you how to use eyeliner.

This is my newly bought waterproof kohl eyeliner from Dior. Black. It glides on smoothly and easy to control. If not mistaken it's about RM69, comes with the sharpener and with a smudger tip on the other end.

It is important to make sure your crayon is sharp but not too sharp otherwise it will break half way while you're drawing the line. Above may not be a good example but... adequate lah. A bit sharper would be perfect.

This is the smudger. It is made of sponge.. the purpose is to smudge your line. Meaning, like erm.. blur out the line a lil to look a bit more natural.. Some use it to smudge and blend with eyeshadow to create a smokey eye effect.

Here are my set of sleepy eyes. Every pair of eyes are different so whatever technique/way I put on make up may not suit you. I have wide set eyes , meaning each eyes are far apart.

And worse of all, I have very low crease. See the space in between my lash line and the double eyelid line? So sempit right... Ya, unlucky me, have no space to play with eyeshadow and I cannot pull off the thick eyeliner look..

I normally will stretch my eye with the left hand while drawing the line. Some people say better not do that cause in long term it will cause crow feet, but I dont care lah.. when crows feet appear I will know what to do.

See the pink arrow? That "line" will be your crease line (it's like the uhm, horizon of your eyeball).. need to know it especially when comes to applying eyeshadow.

I always start from the middle , draw as thin as possible.. to the outer corner. The side near nose is inner corner, near to your ear is outer corner. In this picture I literally poke my eye with the pencil for illustration cause need to take picture with another hand.

Why I start from the middle. Cause my inner corner needs a thinner line whilst the outer part needs a much thicker line. So (for me lah) to be error free I start from the middle.

middle to outer corner --> middle to inner corner.

So here's a thin line. Cant see much right?

I always like to do a flick or "wing" at the outer corner ... but for some people a normal straight line looks just fine. So here I am demonstrating a normal straight line. The blue arrow indicates the end of my eye.. the green arrow indicates the eyeliner extension.

Extend the eyeliner a bit gives an illusion of wider or "longer" eye.

Now you may thicken up the line however much you want. Your choice. But like I said I have sempit eye I cant afford to wear thick eyeliner.

Next, smudge the line using the sponge tip end. I call it smudger. Just like rub it on your eyeliner back and forth few times (pink arrow) so the line wont look so harsh and gives a more natural look.

Left picture is the other without make-up eye. Right picture is effect of smudging

Not much different right?

This is how I look like with thick eyeliner. See, look as if I have no double eyelid...

As for your lower lid, it's all individual preference. I dont usually do this part cause I normally dont wear foundation / make up base , drawing lower lid (I feel lah) is going to emphasize on my dark circle. But it's all up to you, and depending on your eye shape etc.

So if you like to draw, pull your lid like i did in picture.

Remember previously you've used your smudger? Ya so now your smudger has some residue or left over crayon on it.. use it, dont waste. Up to you whether to smudge it all over your lower lid or just partial. I usually will only do on the 1/4 of outer corner (black arrow)

And here.. liquid eyeliner.

I'm currently using Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in 01Black. This is my very last cosmetic thingys I bought from drug store. It was supposed to be semi waterproof, meaning can only be washed off with warm water.. but con ppl wan lah basically any water also can wash this thing off.. But one thing good lah, it doesnt smudge even on a very warm weather but not quite long lasting.. maybe max only 5-6 hours.

So here is my another eye. I'm doing this in toilet...

Normally I will need cotton bud. Wet. You will know why later..

As per usual, I start on the middle.. Just simply draw one line. Dont care whether straight or not, or whether it is tidy or whether it is close to lash line..

And then, simple fill in the inner corner.. Thick or thin even or not all doesnt matter... just draw

Then my favourite part. The flick or "wing" . I always draw this when using liquid eyeliner.. the effect would look even better with gel eyeliner. Can also use crayon pencil ...

So how to draw the wing. See the green arrow? It should be on the green line.. How to determine the green line? It should be like, uhm.. 180 degree straight line with your lower lid. It's like an extension..

It should be something like that, depending on your eye shape. This may not be the best example cause Bird is rushing me. (He wants to pang sai)..

Now, here's my trick. To even out the line or edify the line.. Use the wet cotton bud. If it's too thin, you can always thicken it again.. I can use this cotton bud trick cause the Rimmer liquid eyeliner is not exactly waterproof.. So if you're using waterproof eyeliner I really dont know what to do.. either you draw it very nicely from the beginning or remove with oil.

But I wouldn't recommend you to remove with oil especially if you're going to wear eyeshadow.. Cause eyeshadow dissolve in oil.. it will mess up your eye make up...

Then .. end result. One straight and even pretty line =)

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