Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bimbo post

Now that I am free, time to induce some bimbo-ness to all of you.

Couple Sundays ago, Twins and Siokwah called me out the moment I reached home from church. I can never forget the way Chea Teing looked at me and told me that I look very leng lui. Really, was so flattered!! =D

That day I painted my face a little. Really, very minimal! Only liquid eyeliner, blush and transparent colour lipbalm. No foundation nothing... Well, not to boast but I really dont think I need it (my skin so nice lol)

Here's a list of items that I love. So, you should know what to buy when November comes hueheuhue!!!

Actually this is a dedication to Angela.. sorry I got no credit to reply your msg.. And Bird's phone is way too laopek , hard to type so many thing.. Blog it out, you can see picture also ma .. *hugs

First off, Face

Ever wonder how Korean actresses had their make up done so naturally and seems so weightless... to achieve the star look, throw away all your current foundation make up base concealer press powder etc. Buy BB Cream.

BB Cream is not a brand. It is just like a form of foundation.. works like foundation, but better. BB stands for Blemish Balm or Blemish Base, formulated by the Germans but the Koreans are the one who marketed the product.

There are many brands in the market. You can easily get it in any Korean brand cosmetic store, Etude house, The Face Shop, Missha, Skin Food... But I would recommend Skin79. This brand can only be purchased online.. is the cheapest.

The left bottle gives a porcelain illusion while the right one give a matte finish. Both suitable for oily-combination skin. Buying online has its risk, so I would recommend you to buy the sampel or trial pack before purchasing the big bottle.

There's Dr Jart and BRTC. Both Korean brand, online purchase only. So, if you have your doubts, go shopping mall.

Next. EYE

I love playing with eyeliner. Eyeliners are great!! I've tried on both liquid and kohl (crayon).. and now I wanna play with gel/cream formula eyeliner (this requires a eyeliner brush)...

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black.

Estee Lauder Limited Edition Gel Eyeliner

MAC Fluidline

MAC colour eyeliner

I superly love colour eyeliner especially on a lazy day. While applying eyeshadow may require a bit of skill, colour eyeliners are so much more convenient. First, draw a thin line with your black or brown then draw another line above your initial black/brown eyeliner using colour eyeliner.

Long lasting. No need touch up yet look professional! Sure make your Daniel go gaga! ;)

For beginners, or lazy ppl like me.. an eyeshadow palette would be a perfect gift *wink. Play safe by choosing natural colours like, shades of nude and pink. Beginners, better not buy anything more than 3 colours in a palette..

Clinique Surge eyeshadow Trio

Benefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful Eye kit

Stila It Girl Palette

Texture wise, I personally prefer those with a little pearl shimmer. For a more natural look, choose matte eyeshadow. But.. really, listen to me, buy those with a lil shimmer.

Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Chrome Eyeshadow in Gold

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow

When you're more pro with your blending..upgrade your cosmetic collection with a 4 or 5 eyeshadow kit. And also stock up MAC pigment!

Dior Ultra Smooth High Impact Eyeshadow
(I love Dior eyeshadow. The colours are more intense and texture is wonderful!)

MAC Pigment

Stila Pro Artist Palette

I know, sometimes standing in front of a make up counter makes you nervous.. so many choices so many range so many colours.. you literally want to faint. Worry not. Buy Face palette which includes everything! Eyeshadow eyeliner lipstick/gloss and blush all in one.

Bobbi Brown Antigua Face Palette

Stila Travel Girl Palette

Third. Blush

Currently I am using Benefit's Sugarbomb Blush. But in my opinion, every makeup box must have one bronzer!

Hoola Bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics

Bronzer can be used as blush giving you the perfect sunkissed look, can also be used to contour your face eg making your face look slimmer or smaller.. For more professional contouring, Stila has a Contouring Trio Kit

If you want something natural yet not pore clogging.. I recommend Benetint or Posietint by Benefit Cosmetic.

They are stains for lip and cheeks. Another option would be Stila which offers few more shades of reds and pinks... Suits oily-skin busy people. Cause no need touch up so many times...

Another alternative to the normal powder blush is, lipstick! And it is surprisingly lasting!

If you still prefer powder blush yet have your worries bout pimples etc. Try mineralized cosmetics. Have not tried any but heard it's much more beneficial to skin..

MAC mineralized Blush (duo)

Lancome Tropiques Minerale Bamboo Bronzer

Lastly , LIPS

The key to long lasting lipstick is.. One, line your entire lip. Two, Fill in your lip with lipliner. Three, apply lipstick using lipbrush. Four, a layer of gloss. Of course, before all these steps, apply as many layer of lipbalm as possible.

Brenda gave me a lipstick from Bobbi Brown for my 21st birthday and to be honest I love the colour. It suits me very well, very natural. The problem is, the formula is not moisturizing enough.

Wearing a lipstick like the one Brenda bought is a nightmare to me cause.. after few hours, my lip would start to crack and swell. So far, nothing happened when I use Clinique and Loreal.

So again, for safety reasons, use lip stains.. or colour lip balm.

Hard to recommend this part cause.. it really depends on individual lip condition. But all in all I wouldn't buy anything from drug stores (Silky Girl, In2IT etc but Loreal and Revlon should be ok) cause they leave stains on cups. Generally lipsticks from major brands would not leave stains..

Oh ya brushes.

DONT BUY MAC. Because MAC brushes are made from synthetic materials. Buy those made of animal hair. Be it squirrel or horse or pony or donkey or monkey .. any animal.. anything but synthetic.

I've tried Clinique and Bobbi Brown brushes.. seems soft I think should be animal hair. I have a few Estee Lauder brushes (was my mum's lah) I dont like them cause they are rough.. I think they're synthetic. But now maybe new range got animal hair...

Shu Uemura's are made of pony hair but they cost a bomb!

Stila's made of goat hair. Others, not sure... gotta check.

Eyeliner, you dont need a brush unless using gel/cream eyeliner (those in a pot).

Blusher brush, .. there are many types but for now just buy the rounded bristle ones. Dont need too big.. medium size will do.

As for eyeshadow brush, dont need buy so many cause asian eyes work best with sponge tips.

Left: eyeshadow brush. Got a few sizes, just get one small and one big.. and many many sponge tip applicator (right) from Watsons or Guardian.

This is called blending brush. It is to blend your eyeshadow to remove the harsh lines between colours. Need at least one.

Lip brush, buy one lor.. but normally I dont use lol


Generally all cosmetics from counters are of high quality (nice colour, blend well and longer lasting). All depending on individual skin or lip condition, suitability and etc. And I said many times edi, dont buy drug store brands like Silky Girl, In2It, Kate, Fasio... *shake head*

Bodyshop, Red Earth and a few brands in SASA are okok only lah..

I wont buy anything from The Face Shop, Skin Food and Elianto .. not even nail polish!! But again, individual preference.

Try high end Japanese / Korean brand like Shu Uemura, Sheseido, Laneige and Kanebo. They're quite natural. Example, Shu Uemura products contain benefits from the deep ocean..


cheahwey said...

how can you spell shiseido wrongly man..
see, i read until the end.

So for someone like myself, buy the artist's palette easier lah? No need to choose colours ah?

-Littlenicky- said...

where? i cant find shiseido!!!!

erm ya buy palette easier lor cuz you dont know how to mix n match colour ma.. and palette colours normally suits all skin tone