Friday, June 25, 2010

I cant wait for classes to start!!

Hah, finally got time to blog. Been clearing my stuff and did what I should have done. I suppose my friends in Aussie are enjoying their domestic trip? I dont know how you all walk in cold lor.. I'd die!

Anyway all my holiday plans went down the drain. First was, Genting day trip... that fat ass forgotten promised to make up to me and bring me up to the small mountain for some colder air but mana tau RIGHT AFTER EXAM he remembers nothing. Asking for break up wan right..?!

Ya true, I was not keen on going up because seriously, what's so nice bout genting? Half of their machines are old and rusty.. nothing too wild or exciting for me. It's play land for my little cousins but definitely not me.. But seeing that all our plans are kaput-ing, so, genting is like, not a bad choice.

Then there is Fraser's Trip with college mates. Supposedly next week but.. till now no confirmation on anything by anyone.. I shall assume that the trip is canceled.

Then there is Singapore. The main reason why I wanna go down to our tiny little neighbour is to visit Universal Studio.. and the main reason I wanna go Universal Studio is I wanna try on their Galactica roller coaster but the roller coaster is still closed for maintenance and testing so.. I cant seem to find a good reason to go down.

Yes there's Singapore sale.. but, when I go another country I just wanna eat their food and see stuff and play.. surprisingly shopping comes second last.. or third last.

And lastly, the Sydney trip.. Bird's cousin Eugene cant get leave on the dates they want so.. i dont know lor.. I really wanna go since kawan kawan saya sedang bercuti. I thought I could meet up with some of you or something but then again.. me, follow Bird and 2 of his cousins.. a bit weird lor.. and it's winter in Australia.. better stay here and complain bout the enormous amount of sun and heat we get here..

And tah tang....

I dyed my hair again. But only brown and only RM35..

I bought the dye from K-Care Shop SS2. L'oreal Professionel Majibrown B7.05 and a bottle of 9% white colour cream which I dont know what its called... It's the dye that they'd use in salon except I bought from a salon and did it at home with the help of the fat bf. The colour turned out rather bright, not what I expected.. but maybe cuz my hair absorbs chemicals at the fullest rate (which I dont think I should be proud of)..

And now shopping. I've been a very good girl. I went out to malls almost everyday for a week and all I bought was only a pair of shoe. From Rubi, Cotton On.. only RM29!!! But I'm going to buy another pair of ballerina flats from Charles and Keith this weekend..

I'm a sucker for shoes. I think when i start to earn a few penny I wouldnt be surprise to see myself splurging on Louboutin and Jimmy Choo.

In case you dont know, they're very famous shoe designer. Jimmy Choo had made shoes for Princess Diana and a few British dignitaries.. and Christian Louboutin's creation is often featured in tv shows like Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, Devil wears Prada.. and of course, he designs shoes for celebs too..

But then the Jimmy Choo you see in KLCC and other malls in other countries dont belong to him anymore cause he has sold his shares to his partner couple yrs ago. But he is still making shoes.. under the name Jimmy Choo Couture, each and every pair is 100% handmade by himself from measuring your foot to designing to sewing so it's super super super expensive!!

I'm sorry if you think I'm brand conscious.. I admit I am and I was brought up this way. My father is brand conscious my uncle is... even my late mother just that most of the time she rushed for sales and somehow managed to grab very good piece at an unbelievably low price. But I assure you, I dont mind wearing brandless clothing.. however when comes to bags and shoes and watches and eyewear, it must sound "wow" and look "wow"!

Time for brunch. Buh bye..

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