Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Speak nicely to the queen

Exam has started and it all went well.

Seriously KDU sucks. Finding a parking slot at Sunway is already a hardcore pain in the ass... but KDU and so much more worse. I gotta go round and round and round wasted so much time and petrol then finally found a spot just beside the coffee shop opposite Petronas. And that also, I gotta walk quite far.

Opposite Sunway college (and beside Monash) there's some open space carpark that we students call "jungle" cause, well, it was a jungle and the college just sorta simply clear off some space around that area so that we could park our cars there and it was shady.. that's why I dont mind parking there eventhough it's a little creepy and quite a distance away from the main entrance. But... walking is not a problem here cause along the way there's huge trees..

Unlike KDU. Gotta park the car under the scorching hot sun. Gotta walk across the road at the same time getting some tan which I clearly dont need any. And worst of all, walking in fear that someone might snatch something from me.

Speaking of exams, I have 2 more papers to go and I am now thinking of holiday! Day and night checking on cheap flights and all -_-

See this? Bali for only RM213. MAS summor! Then there's Airasia promo to Singapore to and fro plus tax to a total sum of only RM128.. which I thought of going to with Angela but huhuhu she's happily earning a few cents now .. so does my brother and I am stucked at college day and night sulking bout exams T_T

However I cant seem to find any flights to Australia under RM1k or well, RM1.5k including airport tax. Is it impossible?

I dont know but these accounting and finance classes are turning me into some cheapo, day and night count count count non stop calculating cost.. it's quite depressing sometimes but I cant help it because.. why pay more when you know you can pay less?

But I cant seem to be doing this when I'm in a mall. Every penny is somehow value for money when it comes to buying clothes and shoes and bags and hair accessories.

Oh there's this career fair for accounting and finance students organised by ACCA Malaysia at Crowne Plaza Hotel KL on the 10th of July. http://www.afterhoursems.com/acca_career/invite_general.html There's IBM, KPMG, PETRONAS and many more other big corporations and multinational companies and reputable agencies.. I think it should be great.

Honestly I'm not exactly a preacher/practiser of "it's better to work for big and reputable company because it beautify your resume etc" I just feel that this concept is wrong because as far as I am concern, your job is really confined to your job description in the contract which I find it restrictive. However in small companies, you're basically one leg kicks all.. that way i personally feel will enable me to learn more.

Anyhow Bird's mum was encouraging me to work on my extra co-curriculum activities. As an interviewer and employer herself, what more working in the education business for a quarter of her age where she speaks a lot to employers, she said it is important to show that you are more than just an academic student. So what if you're a first class honours holder. You're not the only one.

She pointed out that many fresh grads are demanding for high pay and being very picky etc. Bring down your expectations because they are not only hiring you to work for them, they are infact putting in the effort to teach you.. gotta bear with the slightly low salary. She said employers nowadays dont mind paying you a high pay cheque unless you proved yourself a problem solver. Which, clearly I am not.. unless it's about wardrobe and make up =D

*open side bar* I am now into scarves. I'm not totally done with my hairband thing yet just, hairbands in Malaysia are really rip off! But scarves are one different story. They are quite a good substitute to hairbands, or you could tie them around your waist or just hang on your neck. Spice up my daily plain-jane tee+jeans outfits. I really liked them. More importantly, THEY ARE COLOURFUL hehhee oh and they go with dresses

Btw did I mention that I'm having the time of the month EXACTLY ON THE FIRST DAY OF REAL ACTUAL ACCA EXAM??

Coming back to holiday. Bird has a friend from Uni whose father owns A HOTEL at BALI. Maybe we can stay there for free and if go Singapore then we could either crash in my cousin's place or stay in his (another) friend's house.. or Alecc's place =D But I dont think I should be planning anything with Bird since I day and night say wanna break up.. holidaying with him is gonna make break up even harder.. so, ya probably I should put holiday plans aside.

AAhhhh. Gossip Girl finally done dl. . Time for some xoxo =)

Toodles ...

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