Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Finance finance

is tomorrow.

And yayy... Bird's mum said I can go TARC for professional papers. I dont know why am i so happy not like I am ever gonna go there but.. one extra option makes me happy. Maybe cause i hate sunway way too much.

That wong wai kit too much I tell you. Ytd he punched me. For waking him up. In the first place he said wake him up when i finished studying. And there , kena punched wtf.

He really sleep like a pig I tell you. I sitting in the hall, studying, and i could hear his snores. I went in his room goyang goyang him and no reaction so i went closer thought of calling him.. and there.. he awarded me with a punch in the face!

He justified that it was a push. But i felt more like a punch.. anyway it doesnt hurt anymore.

The other day was quite funny too. His dad was in the room talking to him bout dental appointment.. right after the dad left his room he siao siao asked me the most annoying question again

" you gonna marry me right?" quite loudly summor wtf

And there.. the dad heard and replied "WHAT"

Well, thankgoodness he thought that fatty was talking to him and mostly importantly didnt hear clearly. Otherwise that would be super super embarrassing!

Haih. Gotta rest my eyes. Dont know why lately damn weird.. brain super active but my eyes are tired at most times sometimes even worse cant stop tearing wan! huhuhu...

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