Monday, April 26, 2010

When I see you

Lampe Berger. I love this Mure Sauvage (it's french) scent. Helped me get into dreamland real quick!

See. ACCA student's life. So tough. Look at my skin condition and eyebag and dark circle. After much treatment still so cha! how how how...

My new white gold necklace =D

Free gift from Dove Shampoo. Major major love this cotton organizer!

Someone being super efficient, killing 3 birds with one stone - poo poo, law and fag

Studied till super sien hence change of activity - paint face hahaha! Nice or not nice or not korean make up =D

Below are self taken pictures.. after long hours of studying

bf: oi stop wasting my camera's battery la!

Pardon my sesated orange bra strap lol


Long over-due self taken photo:

I look like my sister wtf

AAHHHH Long hair long hair

Love the length, hate the two-tone

And here is Max...

I specially created an album only for this manja big dog. I have many more videos and thought of uploading it on FB for his sister to see.. but then think think, if i tag her on a dog's video maybe she think i trying hard to polish her shoe? Or am I thinking too much here..


_VeL_ said...

I have the same law book. lol

And, you look totally different in make up. A magic man. Make up can make someone looks from chan to charm. Hahaha.

-Littlenicky- said...


means i really look damn chan lor =(

Eh but i didnt put any foundation or base and no illuminator and didnt contour my face..

Not as dramatic as the video you posted LOL

_VeL_ said...

No la. Not very chan la. That's how all of us look without make up la. I mean our circle of friends. =)

That video. Too much lo. SCARY~!

-Littlenicky- said...

haha no one from our circle actually bother slapping make up on the face or wear coloured contact lens..

_VeL_ said...

Ya lo. I wonder why. Like basic make up also don't put wan we all. How to be outstanding ah? lol

-Littlenicky- said...

shining from within!! hahaha