Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hello everyone long time no see no hear no read no smell..

I'm pretty busy with revision, procrastinated much, but still, have worked hard.. although not hard enough.. well well, just wish me all the best ok.

I am here to bombard you with my hearts desire again hehehe... *hint birthday in 6 mths time*

First is Panasonic Ionity 2-way Hair Styling Iron (EH1575W). Approx RM150-170 . It's hair straightener and curler combo =D.

Second is, this hot air styler hair brush.. from Panasonic too. About Rm150 also. Product code EH-KA31
This brush comes with

Well well I know you'll say I si tam sam guai.. si oi leng guai. Whichever la cause these 2 sticks are just what i need now. The first one 2 in 1, save space and money. I dont need to buy 2 separate styler.. The second one is to manage my frizzy hair problem ... so basically I'm not that greedy. Besides, my cheapo hair curler has served me quite well and it's kicking the bucket very soon.. so gotta find replacement anyhow..


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