Sunday, April 18, 2010


I think something is wrong with me.

I no longer crave for desserts or any other sinful food. Right now, all I ever want to eat is healthy food. Wholemeal bread, salad, fruits, any drinks from Juice Works... I never seem to get tired of eating these things..

In fact, Bird's mum offered me lots of high class chocolate and I am not attracted to them. Normally I'd go like.. err "nvm la auntie I dont want" but actually I want to eat it so badly. But not anymore!

Another sign of growing up i suppose?


_VeL_ said...

Are you feeling fat nowadays? Maybe that's why you don't fancy sweet stuffs anymore. I am. Keeping those stuffs away from my sight.

nicole said...

i always say im fat but i cannot quite call myself fat cuz some i cant fit into some clothing eventhough it is tagged XS! it is still hard to find a pair of fitting high waisted shorts ggrrr

maybe cuz, i had too much of all these fat stuff thats why .. maybe start to feel a bit jelak?

Deng said...

Lifestyle change ma. It happens. I don't drink soft drinks anymore.