Friday, March 19, 2010

Hostage huhuhu

The sun is scorching hot!

I lost my bank book. =(

I search high and low but to no avail. I remember very clearly where i kept it, but it was not there and I am not a super messy person - I organise my drawers and clothes well. Book was well arranged on the shelf as well. My accessories are all and well in the boxes.


I haven touched it in years!! It;s there all the while but suddenly *poop* disappear

Bird dropped me at the bank then off the college. I waited in the bank for an hour long! There's only one pioneer customer service officer and another newbie. The moment I walked in and sat down , the officer was attending this rich late 20's lady. After 45mins, the older officer refered her to the newbie officer .. when I finish my business, that lady's still there -__-

But surprisingly TTDI branch Public Bank is quite empty even at peak hours, unlike the one at D'sara Jaya.. forever packed!

Bought lunch, then walked back to his house. And look what the stupid sun did to my feet!!!

See the red part .. sun burn. It's actually much more red in real life T_T

Bird has been talking a lot of non sense to me lately. He thinks it's entertaining -_-'' (seriously I've never met anyone this lame!!!)

And worse of all, he purposely make me angry because he said I look very funny very entertaining when I am mad. FML!!

HAHA.. BF wearing eyeliner =D

The other day he made me angry hence make up by bringing me to Swensen for dinsup (dinner + supper). He smart smart order topless 5, thought i'd want ice cream.

Suddenly, I thought of a great idea of punishing him - forced him finished all 5 scoops of ice creams hahaa.. for the whole week he kept looking at his waist!

Funny shit

And Chea Hwey, thanks to you I'm talking to my "childhood boyfriend" almost every night and we're going out for drinks some time soon... Actually 2 nights ago he said he'd take me out for a drink- before I told him I have exam next Sat.

I really wonder what you both talked about. I'm quite worried that it'll turn out a little.. weird and awkward and ... silence.


cheahwey said...

okay now, who initiated contact, and was it on facebook? Then you guys moved to MSN? when answering, make sure you indicate which answers go with which questions.

lol, when i had dinner with him, i was quite worried about awkwardness and silence too. i think there were some moments. but it was fine. dont focus too much on the potential awkwardness, but focus on the experience of seeing someone you haven't seen for 5 years already!

-Littlenicky- said...

nolah he nudged me on MSN first.

wah last time mmg have nothing much to talk. and now go dinner or drink.. summor din see so long.. wasai