Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Live today, fight tomorrow

It's 3.45am. I am onlining, doing nothing instead of doing something I should be doing, like study.

I dont understand myself sometimes. I am doing nothing but rotting in front of the comp looking at nothing and yet I am not willing to make good use of these time I have wasted on my text books!

Today was suppose to go for Progress Test 2 at 8.30am but I couldn't get up until 5pm! I set my alarm at 6.30am but heard nothing at all neither can I remember anything about switching off my alarm.

A dead pig indeed I am. Tsk tsk tsk...

Anyway I found out bout the PT only on Sunday morning, while on the way to church. I kept thinking that it was next week, next week and next week.. the never ending next week. Sigh! And what's more horrible was, apparently Sunway-TES sent every student a SMS regarding ponteng-ing PT. I didn't get that msg. Serious!

My friend forwarded me the sms:

"Dear Students,

All students are required to attempt the Progress Test and Mock Exam for every paper enrolled. If you missed Progress Test 1 conducted earlier, please ensure that you DO NOT MISS Progress Test 2. Otherwise you will be asked to defer the paper/s enrolled.

This is a direction from out Executive Director, Mr Teo.

From Sunway-TES, Management"

Sound super unfriendly to me! I really dont know what they're going to do with me lor T_T I purposely ponteng PT1 cause I didn't want to pay fees before last sem's result comes out ma...

So, Sunday night was supposed to study really hard for PT2 but I got hooked to Arnold Schwarzenegger's Eraser. Watched till 3am, went home... bathed.. sleep. I think by that time was already 4+am.. and I didnt have enough rest for the 2 previous days.

But Bird says he will help me so that I will not get barred from attending classes.

My sister said yesterday while I was napping, I shouted really loudly out of the blue. Sleep talking lah, but more like, sleep scolding. I was told that I scolded my father "stupid" in my sleep. HAHA..

I really dont know how am I doing to do well in life. Taking everything for granted, dilly dally around and have nothing in mind as of what to do after I graduate. I cannot teach, I cannot tahan being ordered around.. so, what can I do? Open one boutique? -_-

Almost all my peers are looking forward to work their ass off as an exploited fresh grad auditor in some big international firm. I'm not. I just want to live my life in peace and ease. I dont want any stress and all lo.

Everyone keeps telling me that it's worth the suffer blablabla. Really? Do you really have to go through exploitation and live in hell for 3 years to ensure a bright career path?

I'd better sleep now so that I can wake up in time to buy bank draft. Sterlings are *rocket drop sound effect* It's Rm4.90 per pound.. Could save really alot!

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