Sunday, March 21, 2010

Games we play

Look what pinching game has done to me. Actually, both of us.

Taken using his Nikon Coolpix L20. It's close up mode and yet it's not clear. Altogether I have 6 bruises. Big ones. Plus small ones then it's uncountable! Dont feel heartache for me because Bird is not that good either. He has bruises all over his forearm and back and thigh.

Moral of the story is, never look down on small little people. Some may call us dwarfs hobbits and etc. But who says bigger man is always the winner? Think, David and Goliath. Think, cili padi. And according to a few ancient Chinese history records, a number of SMART ppl are very small size.

We started off by wrestling. I lost all the time but it was an extreme unfair game because he is super duper heavy and has alot more muscle. So I suggested pillow fight. Hard to determine the winner so the next game's pinching game. Very fun because I am the clear winner =D

All thanks to my super strong and small finger

Lately I've been watching alot E! and so happen alot wedding stuff. Then when I couldn't sleep I'd be thinking what kind of wedding I'd want.

You see, any normal girl would have at least thought about this for at least 5 seconds. It is absolutely normal, what more I couldn't sleep. To top it up, I'm pretty much a planner. I like to plan thing ahead of time because I dont like last minute rush and get all stucked up and stressed. That is also why I super hate last minute changes.

Planning is one thing, to follow the plans made is another matter. Whether I'll execute the plan when the time comes or not, I'll still plan. So, I've finally figured what I really want for MY wedding.

See, again. Plan. Eventough tying the knot has never been included in my life's planner. Whether is there anyone willing to marry me or whether will there be enough time for me to get married is another matter. I come up with a draft plan first so that next time I wont go all kelam kabut, knowing I am such a fickle minded person.

It's in fact a very realistic plan!

I want a seaside wedding! *Imagine myself saying "I do" as the sun goes down. Romantic right?!
But the budget part is gonna be a headache, that is why I need a FILTHY RICH husband hahaha!

Dont you dare suggest me Port Dickson! I want nice place where the food is nice can see clear sunset white smooth sandy beach (dont want those like Perhentian's super poky so called sand) nice food nice rooms well maintained sea. Think, Sipadan or Pulau Layang Layang. Worse come to worse Penang's Hard Rock lor!

It will be 100% angmoh style - walk down the aisle, say whatever needs to be said, then eat and drink and party on the beach. There will not be any Chinese tradition tea ceremony. I think it's a ridiculous thing to do lor - kneel down , serve tea, then bow bow bow -__- Han Dynasty meh now...

I couldn't decide on the theme's colour. I really want white but then if everyone else wear white then no one can see me the beautiful stunning bride lo. No good. But nvm, trend will change think some other time.

You see ah, one thing I can never understand is, HOW THE HELL ME N BIRD CAN STAY TOGETHER FOR 2 YEARS?!

1) He is an unromantic person. But me? Super romantic hahaha
2) He is a very last minute person. I like to plan things
3) He doesn't care a thing about his dressing. I love making myself looking like a doll

A lot a lot a lot more things. The list could be a never ending one!

But you know what would be funny? Ceremony going on half way then tsumani wave come then everyone die HAHAHAHHAHAA...

Sien lah. Nothing to do now. No make up stuff with me now summor. Normally at home when I have nothing to do I will play around with my make up kit. But I am not home now... Sigh!


_VeL_ said...

Deng lei ng sun loh. This kind of thing also can think of. Some more ceremony half way then tsunami come. -.-

Cathy C said...

hahaha..vel, exactly..I wanted to comment on that too..siao one

chLoe said...


let's just say... opposites attract?