Monday, March 01, 2010

Chap Goh Meh

After dinner at Sushi Zanmai (my first ever time omg!! so kampung right -_-) Bird's mum was asking me if there's any celebration nearby.

Trust me. I know nothing much regarding all these Chinese customs or celebration thingys eventhough I graduated from a Chinese primary where I was suppose to be learning not only the language but also the customs and culture and traditions blablabla.

I know nothing.

So Bird's mum explained and said, in Penang the Chinese will all rush to Gurney Drive. The girls will throw Mandarin Oranges into the sea and whichever boy picks it up will most probably be the future husband.

I've heard of that but I thought Chinese do this on Mid Autumn Festival.

All these while I thought Chinese eat Tong Yuan to mark the last day of CNY but I was very wrong apparently.

Super failure Chinese I am.

After a long while when we were left alone in the room.

Bird: Eh fatty. I think hor..
me: what?! marry you again ah -_-
Bird: ya I think we should just get married
me: why dont we just break up.
Bird: marry
me: break up. break up is goooddd..
Bird : marry
me: eh come lah we fill one bucket of water then i throw mandarin orange in that bucket lah since we dont have any river or sea here.. then you go pick it up lah.. then you're my future husband edi!
Bird: what nonsense!

I'm uber lame right haha!


copper stiletto said...

Not lame... cute

Cathy C said...

Lame la you. hahahaha.

Btw, since when mid autumn throw oranges one??it's on the 15th of CNY cuz chap gor meh maa..

-Littlenicky- said...

i duno ma!!! i tot they do all the weird traditions on mid autumn wan ma