Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sometimes I wish I can believe you

I wrote this many weeks back and forgotten bout it.

Bird said "I'm going to stop smoking."

"ya. sure. good luck!" , ending with an eye-roll ..

One thing I realised bout boys regarding the things they do.

Let's say your bf or brother is doing something that he shouldn't be doing. And so as a gf or sister you try to talk to him tell him stuff nag lecture scold make noise whatsoever.

Nothing works.

In fact. The more you talk about it the more they do it.

For example.

Bird and his world of warcraft.

I've argued with him countless times. I approved of him playing at first because I know him - when he's decided to do something nothing can stop him so I thought aiya use reverse psychology lor besides, how often he play game.. maybe WOW is better than DOTA. Plus, at the point when he started playing, he was suffering from injuries.. he couldn't move much.

The more he play he more upset i get. Because he practically cannot see me even when I am there right in front of him.

It is a very horrible period I went through.

I make noise non stop. Day and night. I tried merajuk. I tried picking up a fight I tried throwing tantrum I threaten to breakup I even forced myself to cry to get his attention but nothing works in fact his character just get more and more popular, more and more high ranked.

So one day I decided to just give up. He play his wow I will find something else to do. Worse come to worse I just refuse to go out with him...

Just 2 weeks after I ignore him and his stupid warcraft, he said to me one night while on the way to supper "darling I've decided to stop WOW. I'm going to sell my account!"

"okay" I said sarcasticly, again , sentence completed with an eye-roll. (i think someday my eyes are going to roll off the socket")

Surprisingly he did!! I cant say that I am not happy, even his mum is happy! Somehow I find it weird..

Same to his smoking. I told him to get rid of his buddy named cigarette for years but it seems like I am singing all these while.

I made deals I complained I make noise I cari pasal I refuse to go out with him.. he is still befriending his buddy named cigarette.

I dont know what to do. To be supportive and hopeful or just leave it as it is..

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