Sunday, February 28, 2010

My everyday make up

I spend at least 2 hours each day watching youtube and practicing my make up skills (if only I'd spend this much time on my text books I think I'd be one of the world top scorer's lo!!)

I really love korean make ups videos. They are quick yet easy and nice. You can achieve the effect even if you're new to all these face paints.

I've just learnt a great way to ensure your lashes are curled up longer - heat your lash curler with lighter for 10-15secs before you use them on your lashes. But of course, try them on your palm to make sure it is not too hot otherwise you will burn your eyelid.

At the moment I use a lot liquid eyeliner but I still very much prefer pencils. But I think I'm gonna invest on gel eyeliners.. cause they seem better..

Learn so much dunno for wat ! Not like I wear make up out all the time cis!!

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