Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I will not attend anymore wedding alone =.=

Last Sunday's wedding is definitely one of the weirdest I've ever been to.

Starting with driving to KL along. Hotel is somewhere in the middle of Chow Kit -__- Of course I did my homework the night before - googled map the place and seems easy. Anyhow google map was wrong and I was lost for a while.

Lost in Chow Kit ok. One girl. Alone. Chow Kit.

No joke!

That place is super creepy! It's like, a camp for the third world foreigners. . .with a lot very old and cheaplak shops.

And second worse thing: the hotel has nothing that says "I am Hotel Grand Continental" . No signs no boards nothing at all!

Third horrible thing - It is written on the invitation card "start at 7.15pm sharp". I got there at 7.13pm feeling so sorry thinking that I was late but hell no! I am the earliest guest to arrive!! WTF. So much worser than chinese's wedding...

To top it off, I tot it's a pool side party.. mana tau, I was wrong. Food prep is at pool side but the event is in the small ballroom.

Lastly. I was told by the bride that it's a western style wedding (which is not true. It's indian + malay wedding!) and she will be wearing a dress (true!) and she told me I can wear a dress (which I did) As the guests arrive one by one, I noticed the Malays were wearing either some dark outfit or pure white from top to toe.. Indians were wearing ever so colourful saree. I was the only one in bright coloured dress, not to mention.. tube dress. As if I have no money to buy more cloth to cover my skin (and an attention seeking whore) -__-

Drizzling at evening

Registration counter.

Since she doesn't know I blog so imma going to say something mean and unsupportive
- I dont like this picture.

This is the hotel's gym. I'm serious!! 4 pathetically old machines only!

The Menu as you can see

.. and this are the actual amount variety of food we're given, plus a horrible bread pudding dessert.

Did I mention that the reception started only at 9pm? And my original plan was to leave early at 9.30pm because this sticky girlfriend hasn't seen her gluey boyfriend for 8days!! But I couldnt be at a wedding, eat then cabut right away.. so, I stayed

Until 10.45pm.

By the time I reach home I was hell tired gotta cancel on my boyfriend which I haven't seen for 8.5days!!

There's quite a number of pictures on FB but I dont understand why people cant see them even after I tagged myself!

Oh btw. My favourite part. I did the korean smokey eye make up I learnt from youtube. I have everything I needed except black eyeshadow.

I only need a little bit of black eyeshadow so kiamsiap ppl like me thinks that it is unreasonable to spend RM15 on drugstore make up which I need it only once.

So you want to know what your smart friend did? ^^


threw some cotton buds in my bag.

Walked into Guardian.

Looked left look right. Clear!


Took the cotton buds out..


I stained the tips of cotton buds on the testers.


Aren't you proud to have a friend like me? hahaha!!!


Cathy C said...

People cannot see those picture you've tagged yourself because the album is restricted to only their friends to view. That's why besides your friend's friend list, no one can see those pictures.

And you really damn geng on that eyeshadow-taken-from-guardian-with-a-cotton-bud LOL

_VeL_ said...

I attended a wedding once with Wayne, to replace my dad's absence. It was kinda weird as well. Because we know nobody. But the place was great la. It was at Golden Horse there.

Walao eh you. Can do that in Guardian!! I'm so proud of you! XD

-Littlenicky- said...

so means if i want my friend to see my pretty face i gotta create one new album under my profile then copy all all the pictures?

well at least nice hotel nice food, not so bad ma. and you had wayne with you.. i brought no one with me!

hehehe.. see everyone's so proud of me!!! hahahahah!!!

Cathy C said...

Yes, you can :) Faster. So I can see also!

-Littlenicky- said...

i curi-ed. go see the album lo