Saturday, February 20, 2010

Meat me!

AAAHHHH so rare. Stayed home on a Saturday night.

Even more rare. Eat at home on a Saturday night.

Yes. I am trying to be guai lui tonight, for once. Besides, Bird has another family dinner and a cousy-cousy boys night out. Everyone's related to one another suddenly one kuchi miao appear out of no where and shy shy like that... haih, might as well stay home make daddy happy right?

Btw. His parents bought a 40" flat screen tv. And I got a special invitation from his mother to be the first user of the new tv. HAHAHA...

I asked Brenda out for lunch. Went Village Park, DU for nasi lemak. I've been living in PJ since I was 8 mths old and I didnt know such nice nasi lemak does exist in this area. I didn't believed it when Daniel told me Uptown has the best nasi lemak until he and Angela brought me there.

And this time I was stupid enough to actually queue up with all other uncles and aunties to order. After about 20mins of queueing then only Brenda said we can actually find a place then someone will take our order. FML

Tmr got wedding dinner. All the way in KL summor. I gotta drive alone summor. Sadness! Oh I bought a new dress from an online boutique. Very thick satin!

I gotta admit i love the above colour quite abit and was a lil disappointed when I got the dress because it's actually more to this colour, and it's satin so slightly brighter in real life.

The bra padding is superly thick, clearly can go braless and can leave nipple sticker behind as well. But the weird part is, the chest area.. there's a huge extra space, like a pocket that sort of space, between the pleats and bra pads. So my brother was saying "nah, extra space for you to steal some food back or you could stuff more things in here make your bust look bigger"


And coincidentally my nail art and dress adalah mitchy matchy. =D

I use colours from Sally Hansen French Manicure set in Sheerly Mauve. I apply 2 coats of pink shade and used pearl studs instead of the crystals.

I'm gonna take back my cable from Bird. It's very annoying when u have the photo but cant upload cuz some devise is not with you..

My goodness! I'm unveiling my inner girlishness more and more liao!!!

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