Monday, January 11, 2010

Kick start

Didn't blog at all because there is no special events. I feel quite anti social you know!

X'mas? Stayed home

New year? Stayed home..

Ok. New year I wasn't really at home. Went to Edwin's place for a so call gathering and watched the fireworks with Fatty for the first time.

I've always wanted to hug a bf under the fireworks but this time is super potong and super unromantic! So I guess another item in my to-do list remains undone. =(

I think my new year resolution for 2010 should be, spend lesser time with Fatty and cut down on going over so often and start spending time anywhere else other than his house.

Good one huh? =D

Last Thursday, poker night in Brian's house. Bird won RM25 =D That's alot when you bet small. Really really small amount.

Everyone go watch Old Dogs. Its super funny.

Went over to Brenda's house for our adult-play-date ytd after dinner with Mama and Papa Bird...

Today marks the beginning of a very good start!

Just when I was all determined to change from being a lazy bum bum to a very responsible college student, something I hated most happened again: I went into the wrong class -__-

We were given 3 different sets of timetable to choose from. At first I was torn between Group 6 and 7, I couldn't decide which was the better timetable so throughout my holiday I switched from Group 6 to 7 then back to 6 stayed at 6 then changed to 7 then changed to 6 again.

Group 6's classes are on Mondays (11-6pm) and Wednesdays(11-2pm) in LT 4 and 5. Group 7 on Mondays (3-6pm) and Tuesdays (11-6pm) in LT4.

So today, I went in to LT4 at 11am, looking all happy and excited because I thought I memorised my timetable super clearly. For the first time as well.. so in a nutshell, I was very proud of myself for initiating the very first step being a good and responsible student.

As I walked into the class, everyone looked at me one kind. Nvm. Maybe cause I was too pretty..

As I sat down, everyone start to observe me. Nvm. maybe cause those kids never seen someone as pretty as me..

As I waited, some Indian lady just walked in and started talking about going concern lah management decide this and that lah blablabla. just. like. that. and I was all blur and confused. Had no choice but to ask what class was that.

The young girl sat next to me then said "this is Group 5 Audit class."


Until I went over to Birds house and check, I actually memorised the correct timetable BUT remembered the wrong class. I should be going to LT5!! WTF

What should I do to myself? Bird said I very sat-bai T__T

Anyway I am really really proud of myself. I constantly remind Bird's parents bout this expenses that expenses, keep the receipts, claim tax relief. And there were some reliefs his mum didnt even KNOW that can be claimed from income tax.

His mum is impressed with my "intelligence". His dad said "thank you" each time I remind him (due to his nature of work, he knows better than me. But cause he's busy, so couldn't remember alot of stuff) They both love me even more now! HAHHAA!!

Bird's mum going to UK in June. Bird's sister is coming back in August. More goodies yeayyy =D

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