Thursday, December 24, 2009

Will be free after christmas

For the past 2 weeks, I've been waiting for HBO to repeat Twilight. I checked the channels almost everyday and the most frustrating thing is, HBO has repeated Bangkok Dangerous for the third time in 2 weeks, they even show Speed Racer.. but Twilight, ONLY ONCE -__-

I was not a vampire/werewolves fan. But since my college mates were all so crazy bout the show, that fine night which was 2 weeks ago while waiting for Bird to finish his stupid raid, I thought nvm lah just watch lah.

Mana tau, watch till the part where the two characters just coupled up that fatty said jom lets go -__- Anyway I really like the chemistry between the two. But the whole slow n gloomy setting really reminds me of 30 days of night.

And I dont like to watch movie half way one, no matter how lousy it is. 30 days of nights freaks me out terribly, I teared half way watching it and still I managed to pull myself together once a while and finish up the whole show.

Avatar, definitely not my favourite of the year, I sat through the entire time telling myself to just marvel at the graphics, ignore the stupid storyline. Maybe it's just me, I cannot accept the part where Eywa Tree shift Jake's soul and spirit from the human body to his avatar. It's plain, non sense!

I've been shopping since the 15th (really you'll faint if I tell you the amount of money I've spent). Eating non stop. And just finish baking. Did the non-conventional cheese cake eventhough I would really like to bake it. Chea Teing says since I've throw in gelatine then just freeze it. Non conventional makes me feel so noob, but nvm lo, everything start small. Probably tomorrow I try the bake one.

Time flies really quick. In one week's time I gotta go back to college edi. Haven even celebrate my birthday properly.

Really. I never once like my birthday. When I was young, I have no friends, well mainly because I was shy (erm, I am still quite shy). Really I have no friends at all when I was studying in kindergarten. But that also gotta blame my parents for shifting me here n there, from one grandmother to another grandmother so I gotta transfer to 3 different kindergarten. So all I could celebrate with is with my cousins.

And I get all the lousy presents for birthday. Cheap plastic dolls, masak-masak sets, and worst of all, SCRABBLE -__-||

But Christmas, I get all the expensive stuff. Limited edition Barbie, very nice children's watch imported from Japan, and Levi's when I was 10 hahhahaa.

During school days, my birthday is holiday. So how are you going to celebrate with friends? The only friend who celebrated with me was Joyce.

High school. Gave up on celebrating. But form 3-5 Twins and friends had been faithfully remembering my birthday, actually even till now lah. So, thank you. And just so you know, the champagne glass you gave me, it's hand made. You can never find a second same thing anywhere in the globe.

College. No mood at all I tell you. 3weeks to exam. And this year is the worst of all. Bf totally forgotten bout the great important day -__- Until now I still dont understand why I forgave him.

This year christmas like so no mood wan. Doesn't feel christmas-y at all.

I had nothing to do these couple of days, so.. just play with my hair. Play with make up. I feel so 10 yrs old!

I really would like to go somewhere. But fatty is low on cash (Thanks to his stupid WOW lah, he bought new CPU to play game, and because of this also I cannot buy my dog ish.) and he's so yim-jim.. go Malacca complain sien, go beach complain hot *roll eye* so I'm stucked here. ppfftt

I dont know lah, ever since he started playing WOW I really want to break up. EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. No matter how nicely he speaks to me or how nice he was to me it's never good enough to me. Deep down I know he's trying to satisfy me, but sometime I really cannot control the anger inside me.

Just like the other day. I was dead tired and he said he really want me to follow him and Brian etc to Jalan Aloh for supper. I was dead tired, and angry with him for playing stupid wow, then, i tot, nvm lah dun always merajuk.. so I went

Reach there, i really feel like cursing everyone who's sitting on the table. For 2 bloody hours, all they talk about is just WOW and RO. one topic. 2 hours. Edwin tried to be part of the conversation but he and I were the quiet-est among all 6 ppl. I spoke less than 10 words in 2 hours.

Not to mention. Dead tired.

To camouflage my anger. I offered to pay for my portion and birds, as well as the parking.

When I told Brenda bout this she was even more furious than I was.

I really regretted. There was once I make noise then he offered to delete all his characters. I said nvm. Cuz all i had in mind was, limit. Everything has a limit. Maybe he's really regretful and feeling really bad.

All I want is just be like other ppl, able to appreciate what their bf does. But it's really hard to do so when you inner anger is so great, overpowering your entire being.

But.. whatever lah. I'm not bothered. I even told Brenda to introduce his single male cousins to me cuz I'm changing bf.


Blessed X'mas everyone!!


cheahwey said...

last time you broke up with him cause of WoW right? or something. then you gave him a trial period of 3mths... how'd that go?

anyway, you have to understand hor, everytime you complain about something and threaten to break up, then he says "okay, i'll delete my characters" and you become soft you say "nevermind lah".. it really undermines your authority and credibility. That's why long time ago every time you say want to break up, he'll shoot back that you're just blowing air.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Tell him you play some more, I'm not going to help you with anything. I won't even come see you.

HAHA. Compromise lo. Ask him play a few hours less and teman me can anot?? Take me out, pamper me.. can anot??

-Littlenicky- said...

i cannot remember when was the last time i say wanna break up haha.

That time when he offered to delete his characters, I was really really really really so damn angry. And when he said that i just thought, wow, he really willing to put in effort.

then i thought also, delete character is a big thing, then i think think.. am i being too much ah if i were to say yes pls delete all.

Thats why later part i say no need. BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN SELF CONTROL, which obviously WOW players do not have any.

I always believe that when two people gt together, it's not a "master-slave" relationship.. doesnt mean one must be the more dominant ones, and another must be the more obedient one. I always believe in 50-50. So at that point i just thought, if i ask him to delete all, then .. am i being a control freak ah.

like tht lor... =(

But eversince few weeks ago, when i blocked his calls n etc, he did cut down quite a bit..

But then again, once i hear the word "WOW" I'd turn into a psycho bitch..

i think i hate the game too much. TOO "fan gan" edi kua?