Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'll be doing a US qualification paper after ACCA

ACCA. UK paper..

So now, I've been thinking of doing Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) after completing ACCA. Yes means, studying part time while selling my life - full time - to audit firm. But it's only 3 papers (thanks to ACCA i got all other papers exempted =D) so should be okay lah I guess..

See. I'm all so determined to shop in US hahaha, and of course, leave this place.

Really lo. Everyone keeps telling me accountants are in high demand lah, the world has got not enough accountants lah accountants have greater job security lah. But you know what, these are the myths! The fact is not so.. at all!

First off, the number of ACCA graduates are increasing by seconds. So, more students more competition. Automatically, employers will eye on the A-lister. Gone are the days where everyone wow when you tell them you're an ACCA graduate or where all the firms compete against one another to hire you..

Then, ICAEW. Which stands for Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. A very highly recognised chartered body. Even more premium than ACCA. Now Malaysians who are doing some malaysian public accountant dunno what qualification, you get ICAEW qualification as well; and if you're doing ICAEW, you get that malaysian public accountant duno what qualification.

You know, buy one free one kind of thing. During the time where I was still hogging on TV watching Powerpuff Girls, they dont have this kind of deal.. and these 2 courses had basically died in Malaysian market. Then they revamp and revise the programme.. collaborate and now.. bham. Half off -__-

So means, even more competition.

And third, last but not least.. the world financial situation.. le sigh!! It is apparently not that bad in Malaysia. The accounting firms here are said to be conservative in terms of recruiting. What I heard was in China, staff of Big firms like PriceWaterhouse Cooper, Ernst and Young and KPMG had gone through redundancy for at least 3 times. A team of staff, which used to consist of 120 humans.. has shrunk to 30 homosapiens within one year. Workload remain the same....

General speaking, accountants still can survive in this harsh times. You want earn big buck, then you gotta be really really good .. which, you know lah.. not easy wan.

I feel so insecure lor. But then again, I can always marry a rich husband.. but still, being too dependent on someone is so not me! I want my own money... But who knows, maybe.. i die tmr leh? haha... So I think no need worry so much lo.

Like my mum always say.. Relax, Tin dit lok lei dong pei kham.


cheahwey said...

how does one become a great accountant?

-Littlenicky- said...

i dont know apparently as long as you finish your working assessment thing requirement by acca then get the membership.. then quickly jump to a big big company/organisation then you get at least 3times pay rise...

before acca approve your application you have to complete 2 year working experience then your boss has to assess you then have to send some report to acca uk.. at this point, the wage is about RM3k average (which means can get more can also get lesser.. all depending on your firm)

normally ppl would choose to work in audit firm lo cuz thts where you get in touch with all sort of shit ma..

actually im not tht sure also lah . at the end of professional papers college will brief us then will arrange interview for us lo. I think whats important now is get employed