Thursday, January 21, 2010

Abbey Dawn

I really like their hoodies. But it's USD 40.

They cost about USD12 only during sale season but then gone case in just speed seconds!

Look so much better than stupid Paul Frank's hoodie (with ears on the hoods too)..

Anyway I always wanted to do Avril's smokey eyes. It's really nice.. need damn a lot of skills lah *wipe sweat* Some sites recommend MAC products, apparently they give better smokey effect..

Actually Hwey, you should try Avril's smokey eyes! =D =D I'm quite free these days you know


cheahwey said...

are you hinting that you want to give me smokey eyes? it'd be fun but i have this constant fear that someone will poke my eyes with those things.

-Littlenicky- said...

ya u should try it once at least. you dont have weird round eye like mine so should look quite good on you.

AND PLS LAH DUN SO SAMPAT OK.. those make up brushes wont poke in your eye wan lah!!! -_- so scared ma do eyeliner and mascara yourself lo.. drawline and brush brush only ma.