Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fly awayy

Hello hello.

I have one news. A neutral news, because it's partly good and partly bad.

Good news is, I found an internship in Canada! It's a good news to me because you all should know how much I wanted to work overseas, UK US even South Africa haha

One year contract, unless of course, if your boss like you then you get promoted from being an intern to some other post witch contribute more to the company. However, must at least finish up ACCA Part II which at the moment, I have not.. but soon =D

The best part is, visa and all other crap will be arranged and settled for! No hassle-massle which, me likey a lot! I am aware that ACCA is expanding to US region.. even right now the accounting standards I'm studying is quite American.

Anyway about that program, its some collaboration between ACCA Canada with a few giant company, including Accenture (I dont know what they do but I do know that this company exist.. because Bird has a magnet thingy on his fridge). I think the main aim is to promote and spread ACCA's name lah.

Nah see. Accenture. I know this company. I didnt lie...

Plus, if I'm placed in Toronto, I can stay with bird's sister (his mum said one! I'm not so tak tao malu sendiri volunteer to stay with her ok). You see, eat free stay free.. haha what is there to worry. More importantly, I will not be all alone ma. Even if I'm placed in Vancouver, not so worrifying too cuz got cousin there.

Ok now, the bad new. Well, my father would probably wont allow me to fly over. And I will miss everybody.

Oh wait. I'm in shopping heaven. Why would I miss anybody?! HAHAHAHHAHAAA!!!

Serious shit! I can imagine myself carrying a big bunch of shopping bags like Rebecca Bloomwood, walking along the street grinning happily and evilly cuz bought many nice stuff.. and of course, bomb-ed my credit cards.

Speaking of shopping. Bird's sister is coming back in August. *think SUMMER SALES!!* I've been eyeing on a few stuff. Particularly Marc by Marc Jacobs junks.

Mirror Heart Clutch USD $22.00

Paisley Umbrella (Pink) USD $18.00

Water Bottle USD $5.00

And I'm going to buy A|X Skinny jeans. Its normal retail price is USD 98 (thats RM343), but you know lah, in US everything can go all the way down to 70% off... But here, for the same pair of jeans it's been selling at RM699 with only 30% discount maximum! You do the math...

And then I can buy all headbands that is available for sale. I'm sure I'm going to sapu semua design wahahhahaa!!!

And see these shoes, from F21.... irresistible!!

You see you see. So pretty! Here where to get these kind of design?! Unless you're willing to fork out all your fortune..

And see this bag, from F21 as well. And it's so Gucci!!!

Actually should place both the picture side by side so that can compare better but then it's quite me-mafan-kan.

And then, in oversea I can wear beret and capelet and boots and colourful leg warmer and neon colour gloves and plaid trench coat and colourful knitted sweater and colourful scarfs... omgomgomg!!! never ending list!!!

My gosh wei. Shopping turns me on so much!! Give such great orgasm hahahahhaa!!!!


cheahwey said...

you applied through acca?

-Littlenicky- said...

ya, accaglobal have this job recruiting agency where we can seek for jobs in overseas...

every few mths we get email and at one small corner have short job listings.. local and oversea.