Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I realised this quite some time ago. People tend to appreciate things that was done by non-family member more than related persons, or someone close.

Bird's mum has been really nice and supportive. She purposely bought me herbal chicken because she say i'll need to use more energy to study. And she gave me permission to steal her husband's Brand's chicken essence haha.

And she bought chocolate waffles, potato chips and cookies among others when she's out to grab some grocery from 1u.

And just now, she bought 4 slices of cake. Of cuz, to be shared with her son. But I get to choose what I want and I get the bigger portion.

Am I really that lovable ah? See Angela's mother sayang me so much. Then Bird's mum also sayang me alot. And then, Brenda's mum also, I think soon, soon haha.

Lost one but gain two. And maybe more. Not that sad ma my life!!!

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