Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Somebody pls slap me

I always make the same old mistake. For years!

I really wonder why cant I just learn from mistakes T___T It costs me quite a lot of money lor!

I keep thinking that I am fat i am fat i am fat so each time when I hunt for pants, jeans especially, I tend to choose a size that's slightly looser.

I know very well that new unwashed jeans are always tight. I should always stick to my measurement. But because my smart brain says Nicole Yong you are fat get a bigger size. I will choose 26 instead of 25. or 25 instead of 24.

While trying out in the fitting room, that one-size-bigger jeans fits me just nicely, sometimes maybe a little loose.. maybe by 1cm. Then my smart will say, nvm wan leave some space for dinner. Can eat more and wont feel tight.

This happens too damn many times. And I still didnt learn from past lessons.

Even the cheap Levi's I bought. Now it's super loose I can just pull the pants down without unbutton and unzip. I need to spend more money on belts!

I need someone who thinks I am super thin to go shopping with me. Really. Then I will make her test the same jeans then compare size and then she must say oh no u're so thin you shouldnt be wearing my size. go get yourself a smaller number!

yes. I should make more friends who thinks i am thin. and not fat.


_VeL_ said...

HAHAHA. Want like that meh? Be a smart consumer lah. Sendiri tau wan mah. Some more did so many times of mistakes. HAHahAHa

-Littlenicky- said...

i tau wan lah! just tht my brain keep playing tricks, keep saying i fat then i ma buy one size bigger lo T__________T