Thursday, November 26, 2009

I know. I am mean

You know what I like to do in shopping malls (of course, other than shopping)?

Poking fun of girls/ladies/women who misuse legging for tights and tights for skinny.

It's even more hilarious if the person is generous showing off all her cellulite.

Just in case you dont know what I'm talking about.

Leggings are "tight trouser" where you do not wear them as pants/trouser. Often paired with long top. Can be in knee length, 3/4 or reaches your ankle.

Tights are like panty-hose, but thicker. You know those colourful "pantyhose" spotted on Gossip Girl (mostly season 1). There!

Skinnies refers to skinny pants or jeans where you can wear them as pants/jeans/trouser.

Leggings and tights are not pants and should not be worn as pants. Now you know why I always like to go to the mall. Most of the time not to spend money but for some bad laugh hahhaha!

This is what I do best especially when my uterus is bleeding ..

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